Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Define 'rich'.
  1. Having more money than me
  2. Having more money than everyone else
  3. Having enough money to make choices
  4. Having or acquiring a lot of stuff more than you need
  5. Having a lot of money and not doing anything
  6. Obsession with money; a great need for money
  7. The poorest of men
  8. The unhappiest people
  9. Not reaching a spot or hitting a spot; going nowhere; a journey man
  10. Successful in a sense; unsuccessful in another sense
  11. Reading only 1 book a year
  12. Hated by lots of other people
  13. Unappealing to people
  14. Going beyond normal reserves
  15. Having an invisible bank
With modifications based on the video by Seth Godin, viewed at Author Learning Center.