Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Golden kidney-shaped cuff-links and making him pee

What's the story about? This story is about kidney transplant in the US and how one man managed to set up his skills into working up an algorithm to put all the potential recipients online in his own office. There were 4 parties involved - himself, the 200+ hospitals that do kidney transplant, the donors and the patients. His company programmed and enlisted all potential kidney donors and recipients, using only codes for the donors and recipients. They they had 30 donors, 30 recipients who all shared 30 kidneys from others. Whenever a male gets a good kidney, he then no longer needs dialysis and he can now pee. The man who started all these wears golden kidney-shaped cuff-links. Would you dare start this?

It must be a feat that nobody would dare to do it in Malaysia.