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Japanese Occupation

The Japanese war heightened and the heartless killings went on a spree till sheer misery loomed over the entire Tanah Melayu for more than three tragic years. Survivors of the gory war could only narrate torture, atrocities including teen rapes, deep sorrow and broken dreams even as this chapter is being written. There was no hope of victory against a fierce nation, the land of the rising sun. Though faced with fear of the glistening samurai swords, the soft-hearted Malays still referred to Japan by its poetic name, Negara Matahari Terbit and the Japanese people as orang Jepun.

"My death is my apology for my great crime" - a kamikaze (suicide) note.

"Sayonara, my are brave to die for your country." That's all I have to say to the Japanese soldiers who died fighting for Japan in WWII.

What are the "International Laws of Warfare"? I haven't heard of them. Who made them? Who approved them? And how come we still have war today involving superpowers? Or is it a masked genocide? So the Japanese war wasn't so bad after all? Necessary evil?

Hiroshima - Dropping the Bomb
Hiroshima - Atomic Bombing (nuclear fission and mushroom cloud) 

This song is for all who have broken hearts, from all causes, including war.

Behrang Ulu in Perak

Behrang Ulu is in Perak. Behrang Ulu is located approximately 12 km north of Tanjung Malim if passing through Proton City, and 7 km west of Behrang or Behrang Stesen, and approximately 25 km south of Slim River, Perak.

Behrang Ulu comprises two settlements at the upper reaches of Sungai Behrang which flows into Sungai Bernam. One settlement Kampung Sungai Sekiah and Batu 8 has many Malay settlers while the another settlement at Kampung Baru Behrang Ulu (called POS in the local accent) has Chinese and Indian settlers. The Orang Asli live nearby in Kampung Chinggong and Chinaen.

The Malay settlers of Behrang Ulu comprise various ethnic groups such as the Mandailing, Minang, Rokan, Selayang, Rawa and Kampar among others.

Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy had studied at Sekolah Melayu Behrang Ulu before proceeding to Sekolah Melayu Bakap.

Behrang Ulu is agricultural land and produces seasonal fruits such as durian, mangosteen and petai. 

Its rubber lands are no longer lucrative and have given way to newer industries including car manufacture.

Bandar raya Proton or Proton City was created based on an agreement between the government of Perak and Selangor to develop Lembah Bernam (Bernam Valley). Proton City was created for the production of Gen 2 cars after the Shah Alam plant was operating at maximum capacity and further expansion needed a new site.


Dr Amir Burhanuddin Al-Helmy

This was my first e-mail to Dr Farish Ahmad-Noor re Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy.

Faridah Abdul Rashid

Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy
1 message

Faridah Abdul Rashid Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 11:36 PM

Dear Dr. Farish Ahmad-Noor,

Guten Tag,

I heard about you from En Mohd. Fadli Ghani, Pengarah, Pusat Kajian
Kota based in KL.

I am in the midst of writing "The Early Malay Doctors" 1900-1957.

I need your help with one chapter on Dr. Burhanuddin al-Helmy (attached).




Assoc. Prof. Faridah Abdul Rashid
USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan

CHAPTER 13 Professor Burhanuddin al-Helmy-27June2008.doc

Labour Day Special

This song is for everyone who's visiting my blog today.

Thank you for visiting....



Primary Care Research Database

UM Letter 6 June 2005

The text below is reproduced from the letter by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khoo Ee Ming. It was wrongly addressed to UKM and went to Dept. of Pathology, USM before it finally arrived in my pigeon-hole on 13 June 2005 - Faridah.

Dr Faridah Hj Abd Rashid
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Pathology
School of Medical Sciences
Universiti Kebangsaan Sains Malaysia
Kubang Kerian
16150 Kelantan

6 June 2005

Dear Dr Faridah Hj Abd Rashid

Re: Bibliography of Primary Care Research

We are a group of primary care physicians and researchers from University of Malaya, International Medical University and the Ministry of Health conducting a research on "Evaluation of Primary Care Research". As part of the project, we need to collect as comprehensive a list as possible of all the research and publications done that is pertaining to primary care in Malaysia. As many of the articles published were not accessible electronically, researchers and doctors were not able to access the information which is essential for the progress of research in our country.

We understand that you have conducted research and published papers in Malaysia. We would really appreciate your co-operation to let us have a copy of all your full text articles for completeness of the data. We are hoping to produce a bibliography of the researches done from 1966 to date and this list will be valuable to all doctors who are going to conduct research. We appreciate your contribution to this research and will be happy to provide you a list of studies done when we have completed the project. We will also be happy to pay for the postage when you sent us your copies of papers if you provide us a receipt.

Please send your copies of papers to:

Associate Professor Dr Khoo Ee Ming

Department of Primary Care Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
We would like to thank you for your cooperation for the advancement of primary care research.

Yours sincerely

Dr Khoo Ee Ming
Associate Professor
Principal investigator for project on Bibliography of Primary Care Research
Jabatan Perubatan Rawatan Utama
Fakulti Perubatan, Universiti Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (603) 7950 2306 / 2802 / 2803 · Faks: (603) 79577941

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