Sunday, 1 May 2011

Japanese Occupation

The Japanese war heightened and the heartless killings went on a spree till sheer misery loomed over the entire Tanah Melayu for more than three tragic years. Survivors of the gory war could only narrate torture, atrocities including teen rapes, deep sorrow and broken dreams even as this chapter is being written. There was no hope of victory against a fierce nation, the land of the rising sun. Though faced with fear of the glistening samurai swords, the soft-hearted Malays still referred to Japan by its poetic name, Negara Matahari Terbit and the Japanese people as orang Jepun.

"My death is my apology for my great crime" - a kamikaze (suicide) note.

"Sayonara, my are brave to die for your country." That's all I have to say to the Japanese soldiers who died fighting for Japan in WWII.

What are the "International Laws of Warfare"? I haven't heard of them. Who made them? Who approved them? And how come we still have war today involving superpowers? Or is it a masked genocide? So the Japanese war wasn't so bad after all? Necessary evil?

Hiroshima - Dropping the Bomb
Hiroshima - Atomic Bombing (nuclear fission and mushroom cloud) 

This song is for all who have broken hearts, from all causes, including war.