Sunday, 1 May 2011

Behrang Ulu in Perak

Behrang Ulu is in Perak. Behrang Ulu is located approximately 12 km north of Tanjung Malim if passing through Proton City, and 7 km west of Behrang or Behrang Stesen, and approximately 25 km south of Slim River, Perak.

Behrang Ulu comprises two settlements at the upper reaches of Sungai Behrang which flows into Sungai Bernam. One settlement Kampung Sungai Sekiah and Batu 8 has many Malay settlers while the another settlement at Kampung Baru Behrang Ulu (called POS in the local accent) has Chinese and Indian settlers. The Orang Asli live nearby in Kampung Chinggong and Chinaen.

The Malay settlers of Behrang Ulu comprise various ethnic groups such as the Mandailing, Minang, Rokan, Selayang, Rawa and Kampar among others.

Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy had studied at Sekolah Melayu Behrang Ulu before proceeding to Sekolah Melayu Bakap.

Behrang Ulu is agricultural land and produces seasonal fruits such as durian, mangosteen and petai. 

Its rubber lands are no longer lucrative and have given way to newer industries including car manufacture.

Bandar raya Proton or Proton City was created based on an agreement between the government of Perak and Selangor to develop Lembah Bernam (Bernam Valley). Proton City was created for the production of Gen 2 cars after the Shah Alam plant was operating at maximum capacity and further expansion needed a new site.