Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori Syed Hussain Jamalullail

This piece of information was obtained from a document of the USM Medical School on 24 August 2011.

Kelulusan Majlis PPSP
Melalui Edaran (124/125)

Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori Syed Hussain
Jabatan Surgeri/Anatomi
Suite 55-57, 4th Floor
Pantai Medical Centre
No. 8, Jalan Bukit Pantai
59100 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur

Pemeriksa Luar Sarjana Perubatan 2011
Bidang Surgeri
Bil. calon 29
Peperiksaan Ikhtisas II
Tempat Peperiksaan - UKM

24 August 2011: In the above official document, the surname 'Jamalullail' was not mentioned whereas it is known that he is descended from the Jamalullail clan (literally, people of ___ beauty). Why he did not supply his Jamalullail surname and why USM medical school did not pick up the Jamalullail surname is strange. I think all official documents and all dealings with people of known clans should be kept tag of or we lose a lot of historical data or info about clan movement, progress and upward mobility. Whatever we do, even the slightest things we do, and whatever a clan member does, will add on to a clan's information base, which has implications on the overall performance of the clan. This is important from a historical perspective. The importance is not evident now, but 100 years from now. A 100 years from now, people would like to know what happened to such and such a clan member and to the clan, generally. There are not many of the Jamalullail clan members in academia. Even if there are, they will be among the eminent professors in Malaysia as the clan has that repute. This is where we draw respect for the learned people - people with 'ilm (Malay ilmu, English knowledge). And it is this sort of respect that is most precious and we tend to lose it because we don't pay attention to history and what good things have survived in our history - knowledge. This is very sad.

On 13 May 2012, I was informed by his wife (Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal) that her husband (Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori) is at the USM medical school in Kubang Kerian, for the Master of Medicine (Surgery) exam. This is the 2011/2012 postgraduate exam in surgery. She informed me that Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori is a plastic general surgeon. See comments below.

Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail

Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori's elder brother is deceased - Dato' Dr Syed Mahmood bin Syed Hussain Jamalullail.

When USM plastic surgeon, Prof Ahmad Sukari Halim chanced to pass by where Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal and I were discussing in the lounge by the Deputy Dean's office, I had informed him that Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal was here as our external examiner for our postgraduate exam. I did not mention that her husband was also here as an external examiner in his department (surgery). 

I don't know whether Prof Ahmad Sukari knows that Prof Datin Dr Farida Jamal and Dato' Dr Syed Mohamed Noori are indeed husband and wife. Both the younger Noori-Farida Jamal couple is as famous as the elder Mahmood-Ruby Majeed couple. This is the history of medicine in Malaysia. 

This information comes to you from my Research on The Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore. 2012.


Ayeshah Syed said...

Hi.I think it's great that you are documenting the history of medicine in Malaysia and it's an honour that you have mentioned my parents as notable individuals. However, I've got some factual errors to correct. For example, my father is a general surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. Re Jamalullail-although we are descendants of this family, it is not on our official documents although some of our relatives have had this amended. Hence the omission of this detail. Do e-mail me or my mother for further clarification. Sharifah Ayeshah Syed Mohd. Noori

Prof Faridah said...

TQ Sharifah Ayeshah Syed Mohd. Noori for pointing out the error. Please email me using the Boxbe email at right (scroll down).

Anonymous said...

Hi, you may also want to check out Tan Sri Dato Dr Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim. I think he's also a Jamalullail.

Prof Faridah said...

TQ for the name suggestion. Will try and search.

Jamme Taylor said...

Hey hi Can i get Dr Syed Mohamed Noori Syed Hussain Email Id please

Prof Faridah said...

Sorry Jamme Taylor, I don't have his email.