Thursday, 17 May 2012

The International History Project

The International History Project (TIHP) was begun in 2003, a year after research on the early Malay doctors was begun. The Out of Africa Theory is much favoured by almost the entire world. But I don't believe in this theory.
The first physically modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens, appeared in tropical Africa between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago—dates determined by molecular biologists and archaeologists working together. Dozens of archaeological sites throughout Asia and Europe show how people migrated from Africa and settled these two continents during the last Ice Age (100,000 to 15,000 years ago). Archaeological studies have also provided much information about the people who first arrived in the Americas over 12,000 years ago.

In the Out of Africa Theory, it is assumed humans began somewhere in Africa and that human ventured out. Africa was then a fertile land. There is no such thing as physically modern humans but there are natives or uncivilised people, and civilised people. Same with the Dark Ages - there were uncivilised and civilised people. The same with a lot of ancient civilisations.

Nations today may consider themselves civilised whereas other nations may look at them as babarians. Seemingly barbaric nations may seem so to supposedly civilised nations. Barbaric nations may believe they are more civilised than civilised nations. Who sets the standards for human civilisation? Me, you or they? What standards do we need to follow? As civilised humans we follow the Quran. Thus, civilisations that do not follow the Quran can be considered as sub-civilised? I think so. I feel we have placed so much emphasis on white supremacy that we forget we too are great leaders of our own communities and the global community at large. Who says the African man cannot lead the white man? Barack Obama leads a white man's nation. He's doing fine so far.

Charles Darwin was a highly respected figure during his time when no one dared to question human origin. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is false because we didn't develop from a fish form (aquatic life) that became a primate form. In my undergraduate days in Chico, California, I laughed at the idea and almost died from sheer disbelief that even civilised man can accept a theory like Darwin's and don't even bother to query it. It was very strange to me that Planet of the Apes seemed so real. Then there was Mr Spock and the spaceship stuff. Then Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday. Gilligan's Island, etc.

Why didn't anyone put forth the stories from the Quran about human creation? In my opinion, Adam was created in heaven, and Eve was created from him. They came down to earth, and they had children who intermarried among siblings and that started the human race. Simple as that. In an Indonesian Silsilah Keluarga I read online today at TribalPages, it listed out Adam and his family (wife and kids) - this is a better read than Darwin's Theory. The pages were put together by an Indonesian engineer. It should not surprise us now that even Third World nations have better minds who can think and put forward useful information for the world. Gone are the days when European and American universities are the world's best. In my opinion, they no longer are. They may still have fame in name but not in substance anymore. The Third World universities have a lot of new down to earth information to offer to the world, for the world to think.

Our problem today is, we cannot think and do not think, and don't know how to think. We just want to follow without asking why. The mind is no longer inquisitive. This is a great setback and regressive element in progressing our knowledge on humans. There is no such thing as human evolution. There were gigantic humans before but they have vanished. There were homosexuals before but they have vanished. There were pharaohs before but they too have vanished. What happened to them? Why don't the modern archaeologists today tell us the truth? Is the truth frightening? What have we learnt from all these past events in our history? Don't we ever stop to think? Don't we believe in the truth? Don't we know the truth?