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Professor Dr Khalijah bt Mohd Salleh 1947-2011

Professor Dr Khalijah bt Mohd Salleh (1947-2011)
Physicist, UKM Bangi


Name: Professor Dr Khalijah bt Mohd Salleh
Date of birth: 1 February 1947
Date of demise: Saturday, 17 September 2011
News source of her demise: Berita Harian, 27 October 2011

Last known work address
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi
Phone Number 03 8921 5881
Fax Number 03 8921 3777



U of California Davis, USA                  PhD (Physics)                    1979

U  of Kent at Canterbury, England       MSc (Physics)                     1972

U of Malaya                                        BSc (Hons)                        1970

U of  Malaya                                       BSc (Gen)                          1969

Convent Bukit Nanas  1964-1965       Higher School  Certificate   1965

Kolej Tunku Kurshiah   1962-1963     Malaysian Cert. of Exam      1963

                                                            Senior Cambridge Certif.     1963

Malay Girls College       1959-1961     Lower Cert. of Examination  1961

Specialisation: Physics Education, Science, society and culture

Areas of Research: Physics Education, Science and Society

Please read her publication on Tauhidic Science Education for Malaysia:

イスラーム世界研究 第4 巻1–2 号(2011 年3 月)124–155 頁
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies, 4-1&2 (March 2011), pp. 124–155

Teachers’ Concerns, Perception and Acceptance toward Tauhidic Science Education

Khalijah Mohd Salleh*, Mohd Yusof Hj Othman*, Shadidan Radiman*,
Jawiah Dakir*, Abdul Halim Tamuri*, Nor Hayati Alwi**,
Muhammad Hafizuddin Jumali*, Lilia Halim1, & Mastura Badzis***

Prof Dr Khalijah bt Mohd Salleh. Photo from Geni. 2009


I met Khalijah when I was a first-year student overseas, during Hari Raya 1976. She was the only female with tudung and she was the tallest. She was married and had two little kids at the time. I had kuih Raya at her house in Davis, maybe another year. Her husband Dr Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Sulaiman was with her at UC Davis.

Hari Raya at University of California, Davis campus (UC Davis), California. 25 September 1976.
(Prof Dr) Khalijah is 3rd from left in pink (she was 29).
I am 3rd from right in blue and with red slippers (I was 17).
(Prof Dr) Zairi Jaal (Negeri Sembilan) is 2nd from left.
Becek bt Hj Bilot (Johor) is at far right.

From her younger colleague: Nina's Chemistry blogspot

Institut Islam Hadhari, UKM organised a Majlis Jasa Mu Dikenang in her honour on 22 July 2010 (2011?)

From UKM's history and its 8 pioneers:


The following family information was retrieved from her account in Geni.

Her parents are Mohd Salleh bin Hj Abdul Majid and Rahmah bt Hj Zainal Abidin. She is the sister of Kalsom, Zaidah, Mohd Sofian, Ahmad Ridzuan and Jamiah.

Her children are:
  1. Nik Hanif Muzammil
  2. Nik Lailatul Nur 
  3. Nik Ahmad Farouqi
  4. Dr Nik Ainul Baqiah m. Dr Rasem Husani
  5. Nik Khairul Izzat
Details of her children could not be obtained as the accounts are kept private.

Dr Nik Abdul Aziz's parents are Dato Nik Sulaiman bin Nik Daud and Nik Zainab bin Nik Hassan. His siblings are Nik Ahmad Ariff, Dr Nik Meriam, Nik Hassan and Nik Mustapha.

Tracing Dato Nik Sulaiman's ancestors leads to Daeng Andak Al Habrah and also Datuk Kamal Hussain, and to the Pattani and Pahang royal households.

Daeng Andak Al Habrah is in Facebook.

Datuk Kamal Hussain lives in PJ, and is related to Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos, my mother and me.