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501452 Work behind the scene and Updates: Research on the Early Malay Doctors

Book ID: 501452

Book Title:
Author: Faridah Abdul Rashid
Published date: 17 July 2012

Total no. of pages: 392
Wt of paperback = 0.71 kg

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Cover  (17 May 2012)

Description of contents:
This book tells how research was done for The Early Malay Doctors. A detailed account of the meaning of the word ‘Malay’ is given, in due recognition of the high status accorded to Malay Civilisation in the Malay annals and Chinese chronicles. The lives of the early Malay doctors were traced over nine years in modern Malaysia and Singapore. The techniques deployed to trace them are also masterfully explained. The sources of the doctors’ biographies are aptly described, which include interviews, narratives, family accounts, newspapers, publications, and contacting their former institutions, friends and associations. Apart from a brief one-page biography for each doctor, there are thirty appendices that contain tabulated information about these doctors, information about the early schools, medical institutions and hospitals at the time. A glossary and a list of index appear at the end. This book is a good resource for researching about how to research on The Early Malay Doctors. It indirectly teaches strategies and techniques which researchers may otherwise overlook.

Copyright (C) 2012 Faridah Abdul Rashid
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012903532
ISBN 13: Softcover: 978-1-4691-7243-9
ISBN 13: Hardcover: 978-1-4691-7244-6
ISBN 13: eBook: 978-1-4691-7245-3
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Update 7 Feb 2012This book has several small sections. I made the small sections for easy reading. The first part of the book explains the word "Malay" that I used in the title. Then I have provided a detailed account on the Malays and how the word "Malay" came about. The rest of the book is research proper, the intricacies of the research process which offer a lot of help and tips for beginners who wish to do this sort of research. It explains everything anyone would need to know about the research on The Early Malay Doctors. The 43 biographies included in this book are each 1 page long, very brief and without references or images. They serve mainly as summary and for quick reference. I have added 30 pages of appendices to provide a lot of information which are otherwise difficult to get hold of. Overall, I think this small book is very helpful for families if they wish to continue to research on their beloved doctors. Researchers can benefit from insights for how to do this type of research.

Update 21 Feb 2012
I have refined all the pages to 222 pages total.
I have submitted the manuscript for this small book to Xlibris in Australia. 
Now waiting for the copyediting team to call and update me.

Update 22 Feb 2012
The manuscript passed the content evaluation. Alhamdulillah.
Proceed to copyediting.
Wait for feedback from copyediting team.
A question was asked by the media team about images.
Photos - contributed by families, friends, I took some too.
Logos - common ones I downloaded for free use (USM logo, Telehealth logo)
Small icons - I download for free use (facebook, twitter, Geni) (I wished I had time to re-draw them)
Small icons - I downloaded for free use (house, letter, e-mail, pencil)(it would be good if I have time to re-draw them)
Butterfly - I downloaded a purple one for teaching long ago

Update 23 Feb 2012
My manuscript has gone to Xlibris copyediting service.
My manuscript service rep wrote to inform that my manuscript will be ready on/by 27 March 2012.
So I wait till 27 March 2012. Delayed to new date.

Update 24 March 2012
Manuscript copyediting dept (Xlibris) requested for extension. Copyedited manuscript will be ready hopefully on 9 April 2012.

Update 7 April 2012
Rey Barnes (Xlibris) called to inform that the copyedited manuscript will be returned to me on 9 April 2012. I will need to read and check the copyedited manuscript. I still need to add/edit 3 things - (1) Need to add: 2010 Interview of Dr Azlan Raofuddin at USM. (2) Need to correct: Images from Arkib Negara Malaysia cost RM2.50 each. I paid RM87.50 for 35 images. (3) Need to correct: Appendix - Dr Abdul Karim bin Nawab Din graduated in Dentistry from KE VII Dental School, but completed his MSc Dentistry at the U of Manchester, UK.

Update 17 April 2012
I have corrected the copyedited manuscript and submitted it along with the Copyedited form (dated 15 April 2012) and Survey Form, to Sam Daniels tonight.

Update 18 April 2012Sam Daniels (Xlibris) responded. My manuscript will go to Formatting and Production.

Update 19 April 2012
Rey Barnes e-mailed this afternoon. Xlibris Marketing has prepared the Press Release for this book (the long title is Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore). It may just use the serial title which is The Early Malay Doctors. The 3 ISBNs for this book title and its 3 forms (hardcover, softcover and e-version) are also ready. I have requested the date of press release to be 25 June 2012, which is my 29th wedding anniversary.

Update 28 April 2012
One book is ready
I'm happy to inform everyone that one book is ready today. I saw the Galley from Xlibris earlier today. The front cover has an ancient feel and the back cover has 43 faces of the early Malay doctors. The Galley has 388 pages. Pending ISBN from the Library of Congress (doesn't state Australia or USA). The other ISBNs are available. This book should be out in the market soon. The title is Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore.

Update 15 May 2012
Xlibris emailed yesterday but I had no time to update about the status of the book in this blog yesterday. Xlibris managed to obtain the US Library of Congress ID for the book. Xlibris also sent an amended Index for me to check. I am still checking the Index as it had technical errors before, which I overlooked. I will turn in the edited Index to Xlibris to implement the corrections. I have also requested that my name appears on the book spine as Faridah Abdul Rashid and not simply Abdul Rashid. So these changes will take time to implement as the proofs have to pass through two dept. Then I think I will need to see the entire galleys for the last time before they go to printing. Once they go to printing section, I will need to pay about RM1,000 for even a slight change. So, it is better to take it slow now before printing rather than waste a lot of money to correct something after printing has commenced.

Update 5-27 June 2012
Xlibris sent back the corrected copyedited manuscript on 5 June 2012. I checked the text and the Index. Because I also had the other book (big book) to work on and prepare its Index, I had to stop this work (small book) and do the other one first. Therefore, editing of this small book was delayed by 2 weeks. I expanded the text on Legal Matters because a contributor recently wrote of her concern about her family's information, which was publicised on the Internet and the family members had no control for removing whatever they wished, and for which she considered it a violation of privacy. I have referred the matter to the relevant people. I returned the manuscript to Xlibris on 27 June 2012. Xlibris has not replied to the matter on ebook publication. I had signed up for the Xlibris package that had hardcopy, softcopy and ebook, and also paid for it in January 2012. The 2 lawyers whom I consulted gave green light to proceed as the concerns were not clear cut and there was no reply email. Because of the matters arising from family concerns about family information on the Internet and ebook, publishing is delayed until we have a solution for what the contributors and public need to know. I was really hoping to get the book out by Aidilfitri.

Update 13 July 2012
Xlibris Marketing Services wrote today. It sent 4 documents to be checked before printing - 1) Business card, 2) Bunting 3) Postcard 4) Order Form. I signed the Approval Form for these 4 items to be printed in Australia. It will take 2-3 weeks for printing these items.

Update 18 July 2012
Scott Perry (Xlibris, Australia) called. He is my Book Consultant. He informed the book, Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore, is officially published as of today, Wednesday, 18 July 2012, at 5.36 pm.

Update 23 July 2012
Scott Perry called to inform to wait for the Author's Copy and check it first before printing my orders. I have to email or inform him if the book is OK and to go ahead to print my copies. I said. OK.

Update 26 July 2012
I received my Author's Copy of my first book in this series today at lunch time, 26 July 2012. It arrived at my house but I was at work at the university. My husband received the mail package (DHL, from UK) on my behalf. My husband called my office to inform the long awaited book had arrived. I had mixed feelings. I had an Exam Board meeting to attend at 2 pm and I can only get to see my book after the meeting. The meeting finished at 4 pm, and I rushed down to my husband's clinic-office. He was not there. I then rushed to my office to see if he's in my office or left my book in my office. Yes, my book was safe in my office! I was happy so I took some photos of the blessed package for memories' sake. I then took a look at my book, for the first time.

My book is a thick book but with thin covers and yellow inside pages, like a storybook when I was a small girl. It felt like a 9-year old once more. I checked the pages, my name, the pictures but the I noted something was a bit funny. I could not make out what later turned out to be an inverted Facebook logo. I was thinking, maybe there a new logo which I had submitted that I did not recognise. I was upset as I had done something I had no recall of. I sat back and thought why I submitted an icon that was not recognisable. I closed the book and kept thinking. I then opened the book again and looked at that particular page. The unidentified icon was actually a Facebook icon pasted the wrong way round (it was inverted)! Because it was inverted and B/W, I had trouble recognising was it was. It took me some time to recognise it was an inverted Facebook icon! I was happy once I knew what I was gazing at - an inverted Facebook icon! Hahaha.... in fact the entire row of icons were inverted. So there is still correction to do even at the final printing stage. I browsed through to pick up more errors and to do any last minute updating (if that is still allowed). I requested for the TTSH images to be enlarged since the next page was largely empty with only a few lines at the top.

Another thing I had to do was to add the USM logo. Where in the world do I get hold of a high resolution one? I had no idea. I decided to ask En Khairul Anuar as I had guessed he would know. He said to ask for it from PRO.

I emailed the corrections to Scott Perry first (cc to Rey Barnes), and requested him/her to do the corrections but to hold the printing till I could get permission from the VCs' office and obtain the high-resolution images from PRO. I forgot to email him the other icon - Geni. The blue Geni icon looked blur and a bit too fat when printed; it had looked so nice on the monitor. I made a new one with PowerPoint (PPT) since I don't have or use Photoshop. I just needed a PNG file ot JPG file with transparent background.

Update 27 July 2012
Affandi found VC's and PRO's emails as he had recently had to deal with VC and PRO for his unit. He gave me the contacts. I wrote them in my diary. My phone was charged overnight so I could make a call before USM Penang staff would be released for today's Friday prayer at 12 noon. I waited till Affandi completed his morning prayer (solat Dhuha). Then he offered to help to call and left a message on the PRO's phone. The PRO and VC were in a meeting and would only finish close to 11am. Then my phone rang and picked up and talked to En Mohamad Abdullah. I know him and he probably still remembers me from the last time I met him with the previous VC (Prof Dzulkifli Razak). I quickly told him I needed VC's approval for use of USM logo for my books - he says 'can', and I also need the high-resolution images. I said I can try and use the ones on the Internet. He said it is better to use the hi-res one for my book, and he will email me when he finds it. I thanked him. I was happy. I now wait for the hi-res logo from USM PRO office to give to Xlibris.

Update 30 July 2012
I received 5 pieces of poster from Xlibris, USA via UPS. See above.
I received the 2 USM logos from Mr Tan Ewe Hoe.
I sent the USM logos to Xlibris for inclusion in the printing of the books.

Update 31 July 2012
Xlibris mass emailed 100 potential booksellers. Some email did not get through but Xlibris is not responsible for the emails that did not get through.
I re-submitted minor corrections and USM logo for printing 120 copies.

Update 5 August 2012
Xlibris, USA mailed my bookmark (50 pcs.), business card (50 pcs.), and order form (50 pcs.) from its main office in Bloomington, Indiana, via USPS. The book can be ordered online at the Xlibris website.

Update 12 August 2012
The book can be ordered online at 3 websites - Xlibris, and

This is where to order the book, Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore:

How to order from Xlibris
How to order from
How to order from

Update 26 September 2012
Michael Velasquez replaces Rey Subs Barnes as my Book Representative at Xlibris. I informed Mike that I had not received my free copies and orders. The published date for this book was 17 July 2012. Rey had informed me that any corrections after that date is referred to as 'post-production' and will involve cost (is very costly as the basic cost is AUD$1,000 and each correction is AUD$3.00). I confirmed with Mike that I would not be approving any post-production corrections. Mike then contacted Scott Perry to proceed and print my free copies and book orders. It will take many weeks to print my free copies and book orders.

Update 22 October 2012
I wrote to Mike Velasquez again to inform him that I have not received my free copies and my order of my book (501452). Mike replied and asked me to call Xlibris. I did not call Xlibris but wrote to Scott Perry to ask him what is happening to my book. I don't know what is happening at Xlibris.

Update #2, 22 October 2012
Scott Perry (my Book Consultant at Xlibris) has just replied tonight. I requested him to proceed to printing. He has lifted the HOLD that was placed on my book (since I raised the issue of post-production errors), which I then asked him to ignore and proceed to printing. The SUPPORT group at Xlibris sent a CONFIRMATION ORDER tonight for 'prepaid' free copies (40 softcover + 20 hardcover) and 100 softcover which I ordered in addition to the free copies (nothing is free). The softcover/paperback will take 3 days to print and the hardcover takes 9 days to print. So I should get my books in 2 weeks time! Now I wait again.

Update 31 October 2012
I received 2 boxes containing 20 copies of hardcover books (501452) from Content Distributors via DHL courier service at noon (Air Way Bill 84 2088 8873, box 1 of 2 [16 books], box 2 of 2 [4 books]). I wrote to Content Distributors to inform of the receipt of the books.

Update 5 November 2012
I received 7 boxes of books (paperback 501452) from Lightning Source UK, Chapter House, Pitfield, Milton Keynes, M K 11 SLW (Tel: 440 845 121 4583) via DHL courier service at noon (Air Way Bill 84 2088 5071. Each box of 20 books is approx. 13.56 kg, dated 23 October 2012, altogether 140 pcs.). I wrote to Content Distributors and cc to Scott Perry (Xlibris) to inform of the receipt of the books.

Update 4 December 2012
I am dealing with MPH Distributors Sdn Bhd in KL. It will need to view my book first and then decide whether to sell my book in MPH stores. It also asked whether I had stock in Malaysia. It cannot buy direct from Xlibris.

Update 5 December 2012
I PosLaju one free copy of my book to MPH Distributors Sdn Bhd (Fatin Ali, Sales Dept).
I asked at the Mini Post Office at USM Health Campus for PosLaju costs:
1 paperback is approx. 0.71 kg. The PosLaju cost is RM5.70 (unwrapped book in plastic bag), RM7.30 (wrapped book in plastic bag) or RM9.00 (bubble pack).
An unopened box of 20 paperbacks weighs approx. 15 kg in Malaysia (13.56 kg in Great Britain). The PosLaju cost is RM127 per box of 20 paperbacks.

Prof Faridah