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Alsagoff Arab School 1912

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 22 February 1928, Page 11

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The Alsagoff Arab School. Prize Distribution.

Alsagoff Arab School, Singapore (established 1912)
- situated at Jalan Sultan
- Anglo-Arabic school
- teaches Arabic and English
- free school
- open to Muslim boys only
- Mr Ali Ahmad Khan Surattee


Alsagoff Arab School
111 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 199006
Phone +65 6294 5909

Basic info
Founded: 1912
Award: Singapore's Oldest Islamic Educational Institution
Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-4:30, Sat 9-12
Description: All-girls Islamic school
Chairman: Syed Abbas bin Mohamed Alsagoff
Mudir: Ustaz Syed Mustafa bin S Ja'afar Alsagoff
20 trained teachers


Google map and imagery of Alsagoff Arab School (May 2013)

Front view from Sultan St
Rear view from Alawi St
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Mr RJ Farrer
Residence at Balmoral Road, Singapore
Gave a tea party to 23 Muslims at his residence:
  1. Messrs. MA Namazee
  2. M Kadir Sultan
  3. TK Shaik Dawood
  4. Shaik Salim bin Talib
  5. Syed Abdur Rahman Alkaff
  6. Shaik Yahya Afifi
  7. Alli Ahmad Khan Surattee
  8. Syed Ibrahim Alsagoff
  9. Inche Mohamed Eunos bin Abdullah
  10. AMS Angullia
  11. Dr HS Moonshi
  12. Dr SIM Ibrahim
  13. Imam Haji Sulaiman
  14. Imam Haji Abbas
  15. Eusope Jewa
  16. A Aziz
  17. Haji Abbas bin Omar
  18. Shirazi
  19. Syed Gulabshah
  20. Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar (HG Sarwar) --- FIL of Dr Abdul Karim bin Nawab Din
  21. Abdul Majid
  22. Haji Amboh Soloh
  23. Haji Manjoor Sahib



On Sunday, 12 Feb 1928 a steamer of Messrs. Mansfield and Co left Singapore for Jeddah with 850 pilgrims.

Another steamer of Messrs Sime Darby and Co. left on 16 Feb 1928 carried 526 pilgrims. This steamer was to call at Malacca, Klang and Penang for more pilgrims.

It is reported that Moulana Abdul Halim (Abdul Aleem Siddique?), the Muslim missionary who was recently in Singapore, has left for Merut via Calcutta from Penang. As a result of his visit a religious society has been established in Singapore.

Mr M Kadir Sultan, JP is leaving for India on a holiday in May 1928.