Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Johor Malays

Johor Malays are civilised in their manners and speech. They are often very pretty but they tend to also wear talisman (tangkal) to make them pretty for a lifetime. They are already pretty without tangkal but I would like to think it's just following on with family customs. As the Malays say, "Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat!" But if they are Muslims, then tangkal is benda terlarang and of course haram. But since adat is a stronger push factor, there's no way to stop adat from being passed on to issues. I have only seen the so-called tangkal once, belonging to a sweet Johor lady. In KL, the Malay ladies who are second wives also wear tangkal to keep their husbands to stay on with them rather than return to their senior wives. In Kelantan, most married ladies prefer tiny susuk metal implants which show up on x-ray films! These are often gold or silver implants. And that is why, many young boys are doing posting in x-ray so they can see these implants. Well, if ladies want to look pretty, men too have done their fair bit to be at par. I found out from reliable men, our hospital also offers a better alternative to Viagra! What can that be? Yes, vitamin E injection into the penis that gives erection that lasts at least the whole night! It costs RM500 per dose and it is big business. I really don't understand why people want to be super males when the genes can do everything for them! Don't try Viagra + vitamin E though; it will certainly give the best shot and best thrill but it can definitely kill!