Copyright - Printed books on The Early Malay Doctors series
I only own the copyright to my books.
Xlibris will help me to obtain the LCCN and ISBN.

Copyright - Official TEMD books website
Xlibris will create a website for each of my books.
I own the contents to all the pages made about my books and about myself.

Other Copyright Matters
For matters pertaining to copyright, please contact myself, Xlibris or the USM Innovation Office.

Mr Khairul Anuar Haji Azmi
Senior Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Advisor
Innovation Office
Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Parties who are interested in the books
Universities, colleges, institutes, ministries, museums, archives, consulates, and embassies
Schools (libraries can order for the schools)
Media - TV, newspapers, magazines, etc (exclusive stories, photos, rights, license, etc)
Philatelic bodies and historical societies (for making stamps, first day covers, picture postcards, etc)
Authors (for fair use of copyright material etc)
Book publishers and online publishers (for re-publishing rights)
Companies (for rights for making related gifts, momentos and other souvenirs etc)
Anyone who may be interested in the books about The Early Malay Doctors.

Family members of the early Malay doctors and their first, second and third degree relatives have rights to the respective family photos which the families have submitted for writing the manuscripts to make TEMD. However, they can contact me for access to the individual biographies (the version before editing by Xlibris).
Families can use the biographies and improve on them and create other family momentos, etc. It would be kind if acknowledgement is included.

All schoolchildren are allowed to use information in this blog for their studies and school projects.
University students, prospective university students and authors can email me and mention what they need and I will let them use the materials in this website except the ones that belong to the doctors' families. There is no need to write any official letter. Just an ordinary email with sufficient details is all I need to know what is happening and I will help out students. The service to students is free where possible.

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