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School within a hospital

Projek Sekolah Dalam Hospital (SDH) was recently officially opened at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. I went to have to look at the place when I passed by it on my way to Anjung Cafe. There was a Datin in-charge of the place. USM ENT specialist Prof Dinsuhaimi Sidek is the person in-charge at HUSM. He is with the School of Health Sciences.

The project looks exclusive to me. I don't agree with the idea of a school within the hospital and hinging on just one medical doctor. Children who are hospitalised long enough have a severe enough disease, problem or condition that I feel, rest and some light walkaround and reading are all that they need. There are many electronic gadgets today that children admitted to hospitals don't need a school while they are hospitalised. Give them the gadgets and that should make them study. Have e-learning for all school levels. That should take care of their study needs. Give them chat function or activate their handphones to enable them to call or speak to their teachers right from their hospital beds.

Personal tution for hospitalised children has pros and cons. It is expensive and deployment needs staff who are bound to that work and they do nothing else. They only teach at the SDH class. So that alone is a waste of educational resources. With kampung schools or rural schools having so  many problems, especially lack of space and classroom, yet the proposition of SDH was rolled out this year (close to PRU-13), complete with desktop computers (which is a setback now that we are in this digital age and children prefer fancier gadgets - laptops and tablets).

It does not mean that one great idea top-down is a great idea for all that saves the hospitalised children. I would rather have that money go to the rural schools which don't have proper classrooms or classes (insufficient classes). Misappropriation of money is what I see and I don't think such a project will work in the long run; it will work in the short term. How much money are we wasting for the SDH? For how long are we having the SDH? When is the first review of the SDH? Will the review be made public? What are the expected benefits of the SDH? Will the hospitalised children see other specialists at the hospitals who may have a positive effect on their learning? Aren't psychologists and paediatricians better for these children?

What are the priorities set for such children? Universities are tertiary education centres. They teach and educate, students, postgraduates and patients. Why did the SDH not contact the lecturers who are already in such field? Why didn't the SDH go through the same gruelsome rigorous research process as we all lecturers have to, like it or not? It seems strange and looks like a cut-and-paste job order. That is what it looks like to me. It kills the peace when something like this comes and by-passes the usual strict ethical research protocol which we already have in place. What's the point of having so many research platforms (we have 4 at USM) when top-down projects can just by-pass all barriers?

The SDH now occupies the previous nursing hall, Dewan Rufaidah.

What would happen if a poor kampung kid was hospitalised and has never used or owned a computer or handphone? When he is discharged from the hospital, he will miss the SDH. So it is better to create the SDH facilities at all local schools, especially rural schools. Kids pay for the computers at school but they don't get to use the computers. Isn't this true?

Email from the unit re the program called PRINCE:

[staf] Penawaran Jawatan Guru di PRINCE
Mon Dec 03 2012 17:00:55 GMT+0800 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

Saya mewakili pihak PEMANCAR (di bawah Prof Dinsuhaimi) ingin membuka tawaran jawatan guru kepada lepasan Diploma atau Degree in Child Early Education untuk berkhidmat di PRINCE (Program for Inclusive Children's Excellence).

Jika ada sesiapa yang berminat, sila hubungi saya atau Prof Dinsuhaimi untuk maklumat lanjut.

Terima kasih

Dr. Nik Adilah Binti Nik Othman
Lecturer & Otorhinolaryngologist- Head&Neck Surgeon
School of Health Sciences, Health Campus
Universiti Sains Malaysia
16150 Kubang Kerian , Kelantan
Office no: +609-767 7571
Handphone no: +6019-9377080

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Salam tahun baru. Sekolah Dalam Hospital(SDH) HUSM telah bermula pada 01/01/13.  Terima kasih atas kerjasama semua wad yang terlibat dalam menjayakan program SDH.  Kebelakangan ini kehadiran murid ke kelas SDH kurang memuaskan. Mohon jasa baik semua wad yang terlibat agar dapat menasihati semua pelajar yang layak mengikuti sesi pembelajaran di kelas supaya turun ke kelas semasa sesi pembelajaran.  Bermula tahun 2013, Pembantu Pengurusan Murid akan menjemput dan menghantar pelajar ke wad bagi tujuan pembelajaran di kelas.  Mohon kerjasama dan tindakan dari pihak tuan. Harap maklum.  Terima Kasih.  Penyelia SDH HUSM, Muhizulahfaz bin Ariffin

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Din, Congratulations for good work!

Professor Dr Nor Hayati Othman
Dean, Clinical Science Research & Chairman, Pathology Postgraduate Education,
Universiti Sains Malaysia , 16150, Kubang Kerian , Kelantan , MALAYSIA
Tel : 609 7663117 (office), 609 7663417, 609 765 8371 fax: 609 7656291

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Subject: [akadppsp] Now PRINCE is expanding! Pendidikan anak at the USM doorsteps,

Salaam to all

Looking towards a new year and a better future for our children...

As all friends and colleague can remember, it was just a year and the half ago that we started PRINCE (PRoram Inklusif aNak CEmerlang), whereby our staff kids are taken cared, educated holistically and at the same time they help to educate and support the OKU's (deaf children and children with autism)...i.e our child growup in a very OKU friendly environment and at the same time get a maximum enhancement from the experts.

Fantastic improvement results achieved for our OKU colleagues....very loving children of our staffs supporting them...

Our Dato' VC visited our place and gave a lot of encouragement and support, hoping that it will be an outreach national project (the only inclusive school for deaf and autism starting at 2 yrs old.) Next year we hope to expand to other hospitals and states.

For PRINCE USM now we will expand further... to a bigger place in USM .
We are opening to the 4 to 6 year olds as well...but only for limited places.

For registration (normal children open to anak staff USM KK only):
1. Pls reply to my email & all the cc: stating a) Child's name &  b)DOB.
c)Parents name, d) dept & contact no.
2. All parents must agree to be interviewed (educating is a shared responsibility)
3.All parents must know that their children will have OKU friends and they should be proud of that.

Fees is still the old fees i.e RM 200/- for half day and RM 300 till 5pm.(to be reviewed in June 2013)

/info: pls contact:
 En Fadzil Nor (Audiologist PPSK) 0123094142, Dr. Nik Adila (audio PPSK) 0199377080, Dr. Zuraida (0179427395)

Chairman, Audiology Program
School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
16150 Kubang Kerian , Kelantan

Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS),
School of Medical Sciences, USM

Senior Consultant ORL-HNS,
Hospital USM

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Subject: Re: [ppsk] Cepat, Hanya untuk yang berminat! l: QUality Early Education Centre (TASKA) at USM doorsteps for 2-4 yr olds


Pls confirm about your child's place in PRINCE,
kami mula pagi ini Isnin4hb., because of your enquiry we have put your name in.Jika tidak berminat harap maklum sbb we are oversubscribed.

Dr Dinsuhaimi

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Ok. terima kasih.
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Subject: Re: [ppsk] Cepat, Hanya untuk yang berminat! l: QUality Early
Education Centre (TASKA) at USM doorsteps for 2-4 yr olds

> Salam.
> Program akan mula pada Isnin 4 hb July ini di bangunan baru PPSK.
> Sila confirm kalau betul perlu tempat sbb limited space.
> Dr Din
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> On Jun 29, 2011, at 9:21 AM, "Hasmah Abdullah" <>  wrote:
>> Salam Prof Din,
>> Prog ni nak start bila?
>> Hasmah
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>> Subject: [ppsk] Cepat, Hanya untuk yang berminat! l: QUality Early
>> Education Centre (TASKA) at USM doorsteps for 2-4 yr olds
>>> As-Salam,
>>> Dengan kejayaan program " D' Kecek" (Deaf Kids Excellence Centre,
>>> Kelantan) dimana budak-budak yang pekak teruk dengan bantuan alat
>>> pendengaran dan sistem pembelajaran yang excellent, pada umur  seawal 2
>>> tahun mereka sudah boleh bercakap dan membaca, bersosial  dll.
>>> Sekarang dengan pendekatan inklusif dan holistik, kita akan membuka
>>> satu lagi program iaitu "PRINCE" - "PRogram for INclusive  Children's
>>> Excellence" atau Program INklusif aNak Cemerlang
>>> berteraskan kepada early education yang  holistik termasuk  kognitif,
>>> fizikal, sosial, spiritual dan leadership. Anak di beri  kebebasan
>>> memilih untuk belajar mengikut keinginan sendiri secara  exploratory,
>>> dibimbing oleh para profesional mengguna segala potensi.
>>> Beberapa anak istimewa juga akan di-inklusifkan dalam program ini,  bagi
>>> membiasakan anak-anak kita mempunyai keprihatinan yang tinggi  dan kerja
>>> kumpulan serta kasih-sayang.
>>> Anak-anak ini akan mempunyai bimbingan oleh profesional yang  terlibat
>>> seperti occupational therapist, speech pathologist, early  educationist,
>>> audiologist dll memakai kaedah yang terkini dan  canggih.  Mereka juga
>>> berpeluang untuk mengikuti kajian-kajian  terkini dan tercanggih dan
>>> bergaul dengan pelajar-pelajar Universiti.
>>> Hanya 20 tempat disediakan, sekarang tinggal 13 lagi....siapa cepat  dia
>>> dapat tetapi ibu-bapa akan melalui interviu ringkas terutama  tentang
>>> komitmen ibu-bapa utk meneruskan strategi-strategi  pembelajaran di
>>> rumah. Penglibatan ibu-bapa merupakan keperluan  untuk kejayaan anak
>>> cemerlang.
>>> Bahasa utama 1. Bahasa Inggeris, 2. Bahasa Malaysia dan 3. Bahasa  Arab.
>>> Beberapa anak postgrad international sudah mendaftar.
>>> Beberapa Detail seperti di bawah ini:
>>> Tempat Sementara: Blok Bangunan Baru PPSK (Bersebelahan rumah  Haiwan
>>> dan Makmal Penyelidikan Haiwan)  (tempat kekal "ISTANA atau  InStitut
>>> ANAk) dijangka mula dibina tahun ini di USM dgn bantuan NGO)
>>> Umur 2-4 tahun
>>> Yuran Bulanan : RM 200/- 8.00am -12.30am (tea break disediakan)
>>>               RM 260/- ( jika disambung dengan daycare/mengaji  hingga
>>> 5.00pm    (extra hours RM5 per hr.) (tambahan RM 40/- untuk  makan
>>> tengahari dan petang jika tidak disediakan oleh ibu-bapa).
>>> Yuran tahunan dan pendaftaran: semasa pendaftaran (tahunan RM200  DAN
>>> Anjuran Utama: Persatuan Membantu Orang Cacat Pendengaran Kelantan
>>> Penasihat: 1. Prof Dr. Dinsuhaimi Sidek
>>> 2, Puan Azlinda Abd Ghani
>>> 3. Dr. Ramiza Ramzan Ramli
>>> 4. Prof Madya Siti Hawa Ali
>>> Yang berminat sila sms kpd Prof Dr. Dinsuhaimi 0139208980 sila  catat
>>> Nama anak, umur dan HP: ibu-bapa + tempat bekerja (USM).   Atau email:
>>> Drp Dr. Dinsuhaimi...