Saturday, 17 November 2012

Restoran Seri Melayu

No. 1 Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Reservations: 03 - 2145 1833
Fax: 03-2145 1755

This is a good Malay restaurant. I first went there in the 1990s when we had a conference dinner hosted by one of the drug companies. I didn't expect to see a Malay restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. When I first walked in I was really thrilled as it reminded me of my home in Malacca. The interior featured real Malay decor. I think it was more of a royal Malay decor. I ate at one of the tables up on the rear deck opposite the stage. We had to remove our shoes to be seated there. The front side deck was for VIPs. There were dances that night, and the music was too loud (blasting). The roof was very high. The central hall area was packed with dining tables and diners. There was hardly any free floor space. The left hall area was where food was served, among the columns. One thing interesting was that they served delicious tiny Malay desserts on small plates - which I particularly liked. Even kuih lapis was 2cm x 2cm x 2cm (something like that). I remember talam kacang merah (I think it is called that). I had the Malay desserts first and then had some rice for the night.

I'm still amazed that there is a Malay restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.