Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Penang General Hospital / Penang GH

Driving directions to Hospital Pulau Pinang (suggested routes)

From Kg Doddol, Jalan Perak, Jelutong, Penang to Hospital P Pinang (3.5 km, 6 mins)
In Kg Dodol, head south on Solok Free School toward Jalan Free School (29 m)
Turn left at Jalan Free School (400 m)
Turn left at Jalan Perak (1.8 km)
Follow slight left to stay on Jalan Perak (1.8 km)
Continue (left) onto Jalan Macalister (650 m)
Continue onto Jalan Residensi (450 m)
Turn left at Jalan Hospital (100 m)

Overhead bridge of Penang General Hospital
Main block of Penang General Hospital

A cenotaph has been constructed to commemorated the donors for various portions of Penang General Hospital, which initially was the Pauper's Hospital (a hospital for poor patients) and prior to that the Industrial Shed.

Messrs Oh Yean Heng and Gan Kim Swee are the donors
in constructing the surrounding walls and a ward of this hospital.
The site of this hospital was the gift of the Gee Hin Society.
The Industrial Shed was presented by HM the King of Siam on 24 May 1890.
[Note: More on biography of Messrs Oh Yean Heng and history of Penang General Hospital
is provided by Raymond Boon at his blog]

Cenotaph and main block of Penang General Hospital 

Cenotaph in the parking lot
Industrial Shed presented by His Majesty The King of Siam, May 24th 1890
The Toa Peh Kong Kongsee
The Chee Hing Kongsee
Tan Beng Swee
Mess Noordin & Shaik Yousoof
Chulam Meydin Merican
Dalbadal & Yahayah Merican
Pah Etam Kadir Hossain
Mahamed Joonos & Mahamed Ariff
[Note: Mahamed Joonos and Mahamed Ariff were the parents of 2 early Malay doctors]
Meerah Pullay Kakah & Che Ismail
Shaik Ibram & Mahamed Fahar
Cauder Meydin & B Kader Saw
[Note: Cauder Meydin was the founder of Masjid Kapitan Kling]
Shaik Ismail & Mahamed Hassan
Aboosti Merican & Coopah Peechay
Shaik Emam
Chalong Hajee Mahamed Noor
Abdul Cauder Merican
Mahamed Allee & Mahamed Noordin
Sultan Merican
Keechee Mahamed Shariff
Mahamed Chous Malim
Muna Mastan & Hajee Aboo Bakar
Mahamed Amin & Mahamed Meydin
Peer Mahamed & Sancardoss
Chandapa & Ong Hong Guan
Shaik Jan & Madar Daw
[Query: Could this name refer to Pakir Mydin, the Sumatran betel leaves & areca nut tycoon?]

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