Friday, 18 May 2012

WWII and the child of Germany

Child of Germany = Adolf Hitler


Researchers and historians are in hot pursuit of Parameswara. 

Was Parameswara Indian Hindu, Malay Hindu or Malay Muslim?

If he was a Hindu, he would be cremated and therefore we would not find his grave today.

If he was a Muslim, he would have a grave today. Have we found his grave? Where is his grave?

The exact location of Parameswara's grave is not stated in any history book and will not be in any book.

There are 3 likely locations of his grave - in Riau, in Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachardo) in Negeri Sembilan-Malacca border, or in Fort Canning, Singapore.

Orang Luwu

This is Orang Luwu, a group of ethnic Malays of Makasar.

It mentions that the Raja Kelantan faced a battle with the Chinese (Tiongkok) from the north, could be pointing to China. This actually is not stated in our history. We had battles with Siam, and therefore sought help from the Chinese. Even during Parameswara's time, he too sought help from China against Siam.


Bima Kingdom is a part of Indonesia today.

They have horse carts and grow paddy. The manual watering system is Chinese.

The males wear a shirt and white kopiah.

The ladies wear kain tudung.

They make salt and catch fish.

The song sounds Chinese but with Arabic background music (like ghazal & gambus music).

They have horses, they are good horsemen and they have horse racing. The racecourse looks good.

The language is Malay.

Says goodbye from Nusa Tenggara Barat.

Pirates of the Caribbean

It was from sailors and sailing ships that vitamin C was discovered and cured scurvy. Like sailors, pirates too live at sea. What medicines did the pirates have when at sea?

Have you ever met a pirate? I have!

This is an interesting website:

This is about the controversial Jack Sparrow who was a Christian convert to Islam by the name of Yusof Reis (this handsome man featured is Johnny Depp):
The account of what he amassed can be read online in some of the maritime museum records.

This gives a background to why and who were the Lanun or Ilanun people:
A movie was made for Singapore.

Images of Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirate book