Monday, 28 January 2013


Merchandise for The Early Malay Doctors to go with the blog and books.

There are many companies which can make merchandise but I need one where I can design and upload images online and see the range of possible products with the images I want.

I'm trying out Printfection for the time being. Printfection is like a distributor centre and I don't have to order my merchandise all at once; I can stagger orders and deliveries. I can order a few (eg 250 items) and get them shipped out to various destinations at different times. It also works by demand order.

A lot of emphasis is on the quality of images that go on the merchandise. There are help pages for image resolution for merchandise. Some image files won't upload to the Printfection server and I have to tweak them so they will upload (can't have spaces in the filename). I'm reading, learning and following the instructions online. Some merchandise turn out nice, some so so, and others not too good. I'm just checking out my options to see what is possible.

Printfection is overseas in Quebec, Colorado, USA and the price range is reasonable.


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