Friday, 28 June 2013

Isyarat Tubuh / Perkakas Dalam

Daddy interrogated Chek, 27 June 2013, mengenai "isyarat tubuh" atau "perkakas dalam". Wanita Melayu dahulu kala gemar amalkan benda mcm ni. Mereka tidak percaya kpd qada' dan qadar, dan kematian ialah ketentuan Allah SWT. Mereka sentiasa ingin kelihatan cantik molek dan supaya suami suka pada mereka, dan apabila mati, jenazah kelihatan cantik, tak perlu sumbat banyak kapas dlm faraj, jadi mereka mengamalkan perkara kurafat mcm ni. Benda mcm ni kena buang sebab ia bukan amalan dlm Islam.

Affandi interrogating his mother re "isyarat tubuh", 27 June 2013

Malay women practise what is called "isyarat tubuh" or "perkakas dalam". In the eyes of the Malay women, they must appear pretty in the eyes of their husbands. So, they practise black magic so that their husbands will not leave them for other women.

The deed is obtained from a bomoh or their own mothers when they reach puberty (marrying age). They read a verse and the genie (jin) is transferred to them. The genie resides in the vagina. What the genie does is to make the host pretty. When the host has sex, the genie functions to provide the best treat. Usually, the genie provides a rough surface that thrills the penis. It sucks the penis and doesn't let go of it. For men this can be heavenly but it is the genie at work, not the women. With the genie inside, men enjoy women better and remain with them longer. 

Other things we found out was, when the woman with a genie inside dies, she doesn't die until the genie is transferred to another person. The genie is transferred to the next closest person, usually the husband. When the husband inherits the genie and the deceased wife is buried, the husband now becomes a zombie. This zombie husband is dangerous to others he comes in contact with or meets. Usually, the existence of this genie in the husband is detected with unintelligible speech and anger episodes, a change from normal behaviour. This is most evident after 9 months of the wife's demise. 

In one instant, the widower can even beat his own son and even kill him, and try to burn the son's house down. With the genie residing in him, the widower has extraordinary strength which even a normal man cannot put him down. Thus, the widower is powerful but easily tires himself.

In an extreme scenario, the widower can even denounce his religion, and become an atheist. For a Muslim widower, this means the man is no longer a Muslim. As such, he needs to be turned in to the police or Syariah court where he faces a dear sentence for being murtad (apostate).