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9. Dr Hamzah bin Md Taib (1900-1955)

Dr Hamzah bin Md Taib (1900-1955)

Date of birth: 1900
Place of birth: Muar, Johor, British Malaya
Date of death: Saturday, 14 May 1955
Place of death: General Hospital Johor Bahru, Johor
Place of burial: Tanah Perkuburan Mahmoodiah, Bukit Mahmoodiah, Johor Bahru

Brilliant student
Set up the Malay State Pharmacy in Muar.
Opened additional clinics in Segamat, Kulai, Senai, Kluang, Johor Bahru & Tampin
Great interest in politics
Fought for Malayan Independence
Juggled clinics and politics - known as "Dr Hamzah Politik"
Malay Reformist
First Malay doctor from Johor


Sellene said...

Why was no mention made that the late firebrand orator Khatijah Sidek was his wife?

Faridah said...

There is a section in each biography where I have kept for family matters. The grandparents, parents, siblings, marriages, children and downline are in the proposed book.

Most of the inputs are from the children, relatives and friends of the first wife.

Khatijah Sidek is included except I don't know of her children's whereabouts. I need a better portrait of her if anyone has it.

Anonymous said...

I never know the history of my Grandpa & Great Granpa. My Dad is the son of Dr Hamzah never told me about this history. I'm so amazed by when i discovered facts about him

-Yusri Md Yusof-

Professor Faridah Abdul Rashid said...

Here is what I have on your grandfather and great grandfather as related by En Abdul Aris of Muar, Johor.

Haji Mohd Taib bin Jeragan Haji Abdul Talib first married Hajjah Halimah bt Taib of Telok Belanga, Singapore (refer Jendela Selatan, Bil. 7, Disember 2003).

Dr Hamzah is the fourth of seven siblings from the same parents (first mother, Hajjah Halimah). His siblings are Haji Abdullah, Che’ Esah, Hamid, Dato’ Abdul Talib, Cikgu Yang Chik and Haji Abdul Aziz.

Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib married Hajjah Safiah bt Dato' Haji Abdullah.

They had 10 children – Anisah, Rokiah, Arfah, a daughter deceased at childhood, Jamaliah, Mustafa, Md Yusof, Khadijah, Yunus, and Ishak.

Md Yusof bin Hamzah (1940-2009) married Wan Hazizah bte Wan Ismail. They have five children - Jalidah, Salwati, Yuhana, Yusri and Yesser.

Professor Baharuddin Aris said...

My dad, Aris bin Haji Abdul Aziz (nephew to Dr Hamzah), is among the contributors to Professor Faridah's book. He recently passed away in Johor Bahru on March 8, 2012.

Prof Faridah said...

TQ for informing about his demise. Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi rojiuun.

Anonymous said...

bnyk betul sejarah tok bah(dr. hamzah) yg sy ank kpd Pn hajah khadijah binti hamzah.mak ade jgk citer2 tp xbnyk la...

Anonymous said...

really proud of my grandpa...(im daughter of Khadijah..

Prof Faridah said...

InsyaAllah, bila buku saya diterbitkan kelak, bolehlah dapatkan dan baca tentang sejarah hidup mereka semua.

Anonymous said...

salam sy pu n cucu kpd dr hamzah,
cucu diantara dr hamzah bersama kadijah sidek, iaitu anak bongsu kadijah sidek..
iaitu namanye mohamad hatta

Anonymous said...

mane semua kuturunan dr hamzah

Prof Faridah said...

Dalam buku ada sedikit nama-nama mereka.

Prof Faridah said...

Visit Facebook:

Kamaruddin Abdullah said...

Salam. I am Kamaruddin Abdullah, grandson to Abdul Hamid Hj. Taib. I have met Dr. Hamzah in person when I was a very young boy. He was a frequent visitor to my grandfather's house and they both were very close. I was raised by my grandfather and the reason I have met him in person a number of times.

Prof Faridah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam, TQ for writing. I visited your website and got to know a bit about your grandparents and your bkgr. It would be lovely to hear more about Dr Hamzah Md Taib and obtain some new photos of him which are not in my collection or in the published book.

syazwani mz said...

Salam,I am great grandaughter of Dr.Hamzah. My grandmother is Rokiah which his daughter of his first marriage. I've never met him in my life,but I am bless to found this article. Thank you Prof. Faridah may Allah swt bless you always.

Quirky Suzie said...

My late grandmother was Rokiah (Hajjah), from his first wife. She married Haroan (Haji) bin Sultan. Had 7 kids. My mother is the 2nd & eldest daughter.

Anonymous said...

Salam. Arwah Dr. Hamzah was my Great Grand dad. I used to call his wife to' mei. My Maternal grandmum was to' mei's daughter (arwah Hjh. Rokiah)

Faidah Yusof said...

assalamualaikum. Prof Faridah. I'm faidah yusof from Universiti Sains Malaysia.. Now im doing research about Dr. Hamzah bin Haji Taib. But my specific research is about political activity Dr Hamzah Taib in malay nationalisme. Dr Hamzah and his family also actived in association politic known as Kesatuan Melayu Johor.

Act. Prof Rafidah may i get ur book abaout Early Malay Doctors because i want to know abaout Dr. Hamzah Taib.

* jika ada kenalan anak-anak Dr. Hamzah juga boleh hubungi saya di * Terima Kasih.

Prof Faridah said...


TQ everyone for writing and identifying yourselves. I have these details on my record based on my research and your comments.

--First family--
Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib married Hjh Safiah bt Dato' Hj Abdullah, and had 10 children:
1. Anisah
2. Hjh Rokiah*
3. Hjh Arfah
4. Girl (died in childhood)
5. Jamaliah
6. Mustafa
7. Md Yusof**
8. Hjh Khadijah***
9. Yunus
10. Ishak

*From syazwani mz, Quirky Suzie and Anonymous: their late grandmother Hjh Rokiah bt Hamzah married Hj Haron bin Sultan, and had 7 children:
1. Mohd Zaki
2. Datin Zorinah married Datuk Dr Mat Saad Baki (Quirky Suzie's parents)
3. Mohd Zain (Syazwani's father)
4. Hamzah
5. Hjh Zooridah
6. Zaweiyah
7. Alias

**Yesser wrote: Md Yusof bin Hamzah (1940-2009) married Wan Hazizah bte Wan Ismail, and had 5 children:
1. Jalidah
2. Salwati
3. Yuhana
4. Yusri
5. Yesser

***Hjh Khadijah bt Hamzah married Nazaran bin Dato' Seri Ibrahim (parents of Anonymous). They have 11 children:
1. Nora
2. Noriah
3. Mohammad Shidek
4. Yacob
5. Rohani
6. Razilla
7. Suhaina
8. Mohd Reyza
9. Ummi Kalthum
10. Khairul Anwar
11. Restu Hidayat

--Second family--
Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib also married Kadijah bt Sidek (1918-1982), and had 3 children:
3. Mohamad Hatta

Prof Faridah

Prof Faridah said...

Wa'alaikumussalam Faidah Yusof,

TQ for visiting this website and for your comments.

My books on The Early Malay Doctors are not about politics or nationalism. There is very little information on political involvement of the doctors, except just a mention. There is more about their contributions to nation building, especially in the field of public health.

Please provide your research title, name of your supervisor, whether you are doing MSc or PhD, and your USM address where you are conducting your research.

You can email me further or contact me on WhatsApp.


Prof Faridah Abdul Rashid

Unknown said...

As salam prof. Syazwani is my cousin. Her dad was Mohd Zaki. Deceased. Our uncle Alias is also deceased. I'm quirky suzie's triplet sis. Our dad's name was misspelled. It's Dato' Dr.Mat Saat Baki. I'm the only medical doctor from my mum. My other 2 sisters (triplets) are phd holders. Aunty gee (zooridah) had 4 kids, 3 are medical docs. Aunty zaweiyah (datin) has 3 kids, the youngest is a medical doctor as well.