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4. Dr Hafeezudin Sirajuddin Moonshi bin Hakeem Abdul Hamid (1895-1965)

Dr Hafeezudin Sirajuddin Moonshi bin Hakeem Abdul Hamid (1895-1965)

Date of birth: 28 March 1895
Place of birth: Surat, Bombay, India
Date of death: 1965
Place of death: Singapore
Place of burial: Kubur Kassim Cemetery in Siglap Road, Singapore

He was better known as Dr HS Moonshi or Dr Moonshi

Author's notes:
  1. Managed to obtain e-mail of one grandson via one of Dr Mohamed Ibrahim's grandsons (Dr Mohamed Tahir)
  2. Tried to contact the grandson but was unsuccessful (e-mail accepted only during work hours)
  3. 1 Feb 2011 - Managed to SMS one of his two surviving grandsons
  4. 2 Feb 2011 - E-mailed prepared chapter on Dr HS Moonshi to his elder grandson 
  5. Still waiting for feedback and photos from his grandson
  6. Syed Mohamed Chishty (Malaysia) has responded by phone
  7. Syed Mohsen Chishty (Singapore) has sent photos
  8. 17 March 2011 - Chapter on Dr HS Moonshi is almost ready
  9. 17 July 2012 - Published the book, Research on the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore, which has ~1.5 pages of text summary of Dr HS Moonshi.
  10. 29 September 2012 - Published the book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957 Malaya and Singapore, which has ~10 pages on Dr HS Moonshi.
  11. 17 October 2012 - found a web page that mentions Moinudeen Chishty (saint of India):
  12. Found a 1927 newspaper article on Dr HS Moonshi that mentioned he was already an Haji and wanted to go to perform the Hajj pilgrimage again in 1927.
  13. Found a 1931 newspaper article on Dr HS Moonshi and his Holiness Hazrath Maulana Shah Mohamed Abdul Aleem Saheb Siddiqui Al'quadri of Meerut, India.
  14. Found a 1939 newspaper article on Dr HS Moonshi where he spoke on "The Holy Prophet" at the Aljunied Islamic School on Maulidurrasul (birthday of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.).

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 31 March 1927, Page 11
Rumour is persistent that Dr. H. S. Moonshi, our Municipal Commissioner, is leaving for Mecca with his family shortly as soon as the question of his "ganti" to manage his dispensary has been settled. Dr. Moonshi is already an "Haji."

His Holiness Hazrath Maulana Shah Mohamed Abdul Aleem Saheb Siddiqui Al'quadri of Meerut, India, addressed a large gathering at the Aljunied Islamic School, Victoria Street, last Sunday (what date?) on "How to understand the Holy Quran." Dr H.S. Moonshi also addressed the gathering. Among those present were Mr Soon Kim, and many prominent Muslims (Mohammedans), including:-
Syed Abdul Rahman Aljunied, 
Mr A.M.S. Angullia, 
Haji Manjoor Saheb.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 28 May 1931, Page 12
Moulana Haji Mohamed Abdul Aleem Sahib, of Meerut, India
- a well-known Muslim missionary
- his second visit within 3 years
- his first visit was 3 years ago (1928)
- In 1928: preached Islam at various mosques and othe places
- an orator
- a preacher of outstanding ability
- he was well received and honoured at stops when travelling to Singapore
- arrived in Singapore in early April 1931, he was received at the wharf
- lived at Dr HS Moonshi's bungalow at Changi Road
- visited Aljunied Islamic School at Victoria Street
- spoke to the school in Arabic, on words of wisdom and advice
- busy speaking, lecturing, giving discourse, everyday, at mosques etc
- lectured on "Unity of Religion" at Victoria Memorial Hall, under Mosem Association
- leaving on a world tour in early June 1931

Muslim Missionary Society of Malaya
- Moulana suggested to form a society as he did in Ceylon
  - to strenghten local Muslims in their religious work
  - to preach Islam
  - to defend it against outside criticism and attack
- a meeting was held at Aljunied Islamic School on 17 May 1931
- annual subscription of $2
- pro tem mx committee:
  1. Patrons, Moulana Haji Mohamed Abdul Aleem Saheb and
  2. Tuan Imam Haji Mohamed Yusope bin Haji Mohamed Sa'id, J.P., C.H., Chief Kathi
  3. President: Syed Abdur Rahman bin Junied Aljunied, J.P.
  4. Vice-Presidents, Syed Abdur Rahman bin Shaik Alkaff, J.P.
  5. Shaik Salim bin Mohamed bin Talib,
  6. Syed Ibrahim bin Omar Alsagoff
  7. Haji Abdul Latiff bin Haji Tamby
  8. Shaik Salim bin Taha Mattar
  9. Mahmood bin Haji Dawood
 10. A. M. S. Angullia, J.P.
 11. Haji Ambok Sooloh bin Haji Omar, J.P., C.H.
 12. Honorary assistant secretaries, Inche Onn bin Jaafar
 13. Syed Alwee bin Ahmad Alsree, J.P.
 14. Honorary treasurer, S. Haji Manjor\or Sahib Maricar, J.P.
 15. Members of committee: Messrs. Syed Ahmad bin Mohamed Alsagoff, J.P.
 16. Syed Abubakar bin Taha Alsagoff
 17. Syed Mohamed bin Hoosain Shahab
 18. Syed Zein bin Alwee Alsagoff
 19. Shaik Ahmad bin Mohamed Ali Alhindi
 20. Shaik Hoosain Al-Khatib
 21. Shaik Sa'id Makaram
 22. Haji Ali (Imam of Masjid Sultan)
 23. Alli Ahmad Khan Surattee, J.P.
 24. Shaik Omar bin Sa'id Baghrib (Imam)
- HQ at No. 742, North Bridge Road

Moslem Association
- Chairman: Mr A. M. S. Angullia

The Real Islam magazine
- Moulana left a religious monthly magazine (the Real Islam) in the hands of
  Dr HS Moonshi
- in English
- for the dissemination of the correct teachings of Islam

Dr HS Moonshi
- honorary joint secretary of the Muhammedan Advisory Board
- to continue the Real Islam magazine

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 3 May 1939, Page 9
10,000 Malays Celebrate Birthday Of Mohamed
Rice & Mutton Feast
About 10,000 Malay schoolchildren and adults were entertained to a feast of "nasi briani" (rice and mutton) in celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed at the Aljunied Islamic School, Victoria Street, yesterday. The festivities were organised by the Muslim community of Singapore. (Seated) crossed-legged on the mat-covered floor of the Aljunied Islamic schoolhouse, boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves over large trays of the "nasi briani" served to groups of four or five. Under a pre-arranged programme, they trooped out to wash their hands after their meals and were then guided out of the building into the compound by Boy Scouts. The adults had their feast from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. In the afternoon, the Malay Boy Scouts gave a display. Lectures on the occasion were given in English, Malay, Arabic and Tamil, and Dr H.S. Moonshi spoke in English on "The Holy Prophet" at 5.30 p.m. at the Aljunied Islamic School. On Thursday, a tea party will be given at the Istana, Kampong Glam, to which non-Muslims will be invited.

Kubor Kassim graveyard, 426 Siglap Road, Singapore: