Wednesday, 19 January 2011

7. Dr Ismail bin Mohamad Ghows (1878-1964)

Dr Ismail bin Mohamad Ghows (1878-1964)

Date of birth: 1878
Place of birth: Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India
Date of death: Sunday, 30 June 1964
Place of death: Taiping
Place of burial: Muslim Cemetery, Old Taiping Mosque, Kota Road, Taiping, Perak

Better known as Dr Ismail Ghows
Managing Proprietor of Lochman Medical Stores in Taiping, Perak
Patron of many charitable organisations
Contributed generously to the St John's Ambulance in Taiping
Trustee of 2 mosques in Taiping - the Mohomedan Hanafi Mosque and the Malay Mosque
Justice of Peace (JP)
Royal physician

Dr Ismail Mohamad Ghows’s father was Khatheeb Maulvi Mohomed Ismail Sahib, a descendant of the distinguished lineage of Khatheeb Maulvi Syed Sahib, the traditional Imams of the Mosque of HEH the Nizam of Hyderabad.