Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Salary Scheme for Doctors 2013

Doctors will get higher pay come 1 January 2013:

New doctors with MBBS degree will get better pay than their PhD counterparts.

Parents should advise their children to take up medicine as the pay is good and for their own good. Doctors' salaries are frequently reviewed, unlike the salaries of all other university lecturers.

Comparing engineering vs medicine, medicine pays better. Medicine is a secure job for any MBBS degree holder.

At the medical school, lecturing work for the highly paid medical doctor is very simple. Most doctors do not lecture or try to avoid them, including clinical ones. They leave things to the non MBBS lecturers to do the hard work while they enjoy the good pay.

MBBS lecturers also are globe trotters, unlike the non MBBS lecturers, some have never been abroad after working many years.

There is discrimination against the non MBBS lecturers in medical school, not only in Kelantan but also overseas. That's how the world works.

Do patients know that their doctors are highly paid? I don't think so.

Are patients rapidly attended to when they come to hospital? I don't think so. They have to wait because the doctors aren't around.

Why aren't the doctors in the clinics and attending to patients? That's because they are paid a flat rate regardless of whether they do clinic or not. They are not paid per head. So they stand to benefit by a high pay and have nothing to work for. It defeats the purpose of training our doctors and spending so much for their education when all they end up doing is travelling the globe and show up in places other than clinics. Sometimes I think our govt is so blind not to notice how the doctors have cheated and complained when the non MBBS lecturers have never complained and never been heard. That's our working world.

Next time someone asks you what his/her child should be, just answer be a doctor and be done with. Don't even worry because being a doctor is a secure job. Being a PhD lecturer is like a second class citizen in medical school. That's real life in the working world. Tell your kids to become doctors and nothing else, not even engineers, it is not worth the trouble and wasting money. Just tell them to get an MBBS degree and be a doctor and get a good pay.

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