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Colonial Secretary: Mr E.S. Hose (1871-1946)

 Written by Walid on rear of ppc: Arrival of the Honorable Mr. E. S. Hose, C.M.G. 1916. Written by Bapak on rear of ppc: Colonial Secretary (was once Secretary for Agriculture Malaya). Photograph belonged to Walid and Bapak.


Mr Edward Shaw Hose (1871-1946)

Edward Shaw Hose (1871-1946) is the son of the Right Rev. George Frederick Hose, once Bishop of Singapore and President of the MBRAS. Hose was born on 25 November 1871 and entered the Civil Service of the Federated Malay States in 1891 as a Junior Officer in Perak. He served with distinction in several capacities in the F.M.S., mostly in Perak, before being appointed Colonial Secretary in 1924. Hose retired in the early 1930s. Like his father, he was a religious man and was deeply connected all his life with church affairs. - 

1891: Entered Civil Service in FMS as Junior Officer at Perak
         Acting Financial Assistant, Kuala Kangsar

1892: Secretary to H. H. the Sultan

1893: Demarcation Officer for Kinta and Assistant District Magistrate, Kuala Kangsar

1894: (additional appointment) Financial Assistant, Kuala Kangsar

        Collector of Land Revenue at Krian
        Acting Collector of Land Revenue at Larut
        Acting Magistrate, Larut
        Acting Magistrate, Batang Padang

1897: Member of the Royal Asiatic Society (22 Nov 1897)

1898: Assistant Secretary to the Government


1904: Class III officer
         Acting Deputy Public Prosecutor
         Acting Second Magistrate and
         Acting Commissioner, Court of Requests Singapore


1904: Chairman of the Sanitary Board and Superintendent of Prisons  in October 1904

1912: Acting Commissioner of Trade and Customs
         Acting Auditor-General

1913: Acting Controller of Labour
         Acting Director of Agriculture

1916: District Officer of Lower Perak

1917: E.S. Hose, District Officer, Lower Perak (22 Nov 1897) .... refer JRAS 1917

1919: Class 1b officer, Director of Food Production F.M.S. and S.S. in addition

1919-20: Controller of Labour F.M.S. and S.S.
               retaining the Directorship of Food Production;
               then Deputy Food Controller of Malacca, in addition,
               and also Deputy Food Controller F.M.S.

1920: Food Controller in March 1920

1921: Acting Biritish Resident, Selangor and later Acting British Negri Sembilan

1922: Resident of Negri Sembilan on 4 February1922

1923: Chief Secreatry; bestowed C.M.G.

Malayan Saturday Post, 29 March 1924, Page 9
The Hon. Mr. E. S. Hose, C. M. G.

The Sarawak Gazette
Kuching, Monday, 2 August 1926, Vol. LVI, No. 875
Download from Pustaka Sarawak:

JOURNAL of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 
For the Year 1917.
Part 75. Proceedings pp. ixxxvi; Journal pp. 1 — 54, published; April 28th, 1917.
Part 76. Journal pp. 55—168, published August 30th, 1917.
Part 77. Journal pp. 169 — 276 with title page, published December 29th, 1917.
SINGAPORE: Printed at the Methodist Publishing House. 1917.

The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Monograph 22.. The MBRAS book of 1,600 Malay Proverbs with Explanations in English
Compiled by E.S. Hose. 195pp. Size: 140x220mm. Softcover.