Saturday, 7 April 2012

Haji Zul Tiger

Haji Zulkifli bin Zahari @ Haji Zul Tiger in Facebook.

Haji Zul Tiger contributed a lot of information and photos of the King Edward VII School in Taiping.

He is in the class of MCE 1977.

Awang Goneng

Wan Ahmad Hulaimi @ Awang Goneng

I bought his book, Growing Up in Terengganu (2007) by Monsoon Books Pte Ltd, Singapore. I just found out his name today. I always wondered why a person wanted to be known as Awang Goneng. I know he's from Terengganu but I just read today that he's now residing in London (that's what it says in the book). 

I rediscovered he is the one who wrote on Terengganuspeak. I started writing on Kelantanspeak and Malaccaspeak. I totally forgot I had read his writings from early on. I kept wondering who wrote about Terengganuspeak. His blog started in November 2004. This is his blog

Terengganuspeak is important as it is similar to Kelantanspeak. Also, both Terengganuspeak and Kelantanspeak are needed for helping patients from the east coast who have speech disorders. There was talk in USM about compiling Kelantanspeak but I have yet to see that materialise for hospital use.

Wan Ahmad Hulaimi's wife is Zaharah Othman. His children are Rehana, Nona, Hafiz and Taufiq.

On page 274, he mentions that Mr Chung Chee Min was a teacher at the Victoria Institution (VI) where he attended school in KL.

So, now I know Mr Chung Chee Min was a schoolteacher at VI during Awang Goneng's time (?) and now he is a webmaster for the VI website.

I used to write to Mr Chung Chee Min and addressed him as Dr Chung Chee Min.

There is another guy from Terengganu, Assoc Prof Dr Mat bin Zakaria who was a Chemistry lecturer at UKM in 1972. At first I had thought this Dr Mat was Awang Goneng. I had also wrongly addressed him as Dr Mat Zakaria, assuming that was his name, only to find out later he had a short 3-letter name. I must have written to him once. Dr Mat is also an active writer about life in Terengganu and has a lot of useful old photos which are educational material.