Saturday, 29 December 2012

Masjid Kampung Laut

At last we found Masjid Kg Laut. We passed by 2 other mosques before reaching this mosque. This is an old wooden mosque. It is across from the Universiti Malaya (UM) building which is brightly coloured yellow and blue. This mosque was relocated from Kg Laut in Tumpat to Nilam Puri in 1967. It lies in front of the UM female students' hostel. The mosque is the biggest structure and uses wooden and bamboo pegs but no metal nails. Next to it is a wooden tower or minaret. Annexed at the rear are separate ablution areas for males and females. There is one unidentified building annexed to the main mosque building. There is a long highly ornate eating/waiting shed. There are a few wooden wakafs. The mosque is open during the day and visitors can stop here to pray. Night lectures are delivered by ustaz.


From Kubang Kerian, take Jalan Pasir Putih to Pasir Tumboh. At the traffic lights,, turn right and go right down to the end of the road. At the junction, turn left. At the big junction with traffic lights, take left on Jalan Kuala Krai. Go right down the road, past Masjid ar-Rahman (on the right), Masjid Kedai Mulong (on the left) and then a row of shops on the left. Go further up till you see a brightly coloured yellow building on the right which is the UM complex. Opposite the UM complex across the road is Masjid Kg Laut (on the left). It is not so easy to spot Masjid Kg Laut which lies a bit farther in from the main road (Jalan Kuala Krai). It may be easier to spot it if coming from the opposite direction. I didn't see any signboard for Masjid Kg Laut.

Location of Masjid Kg Laut at Jalan Kuala Krai, Nilam Puri.
UM campus at Nilam Puri
All wooden structures. 3-tiered roof of Masjid Kg Laut, Jalan Kuala Krai at Nilam Puri.
Base of the minaret is at left. Carved roof skirting of the shed at right.
Main mosque building. The prayer section has rectangular faded black wooden panels and 3-tiered roof. The 3rd level at the top is the attic. The rear lobby has carved wooden panels, shellac wooden floor boards and 2-tiered roof. A 3-rung wooden staircase leads to the rear lobby.
Long multipurpose shed with fixed tables and benches, mainly for visitors to eat.
It can accommodate 5 families or 50 people.
Front facade of the main mosque building photographed from the Qiblat direction
Wooden minaret set on 3 floors. This is the front of the mosque. The roof is octagonal.
Silhoutte of Masjid Kg Laut at Nilam Puri (close to dusk).
From left: female ablution area, minaret, mosque and shed.