Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hawa Ibrahim

One of the early Malay doctors was Dr Mohamed Ibrahim bin Sheikh Ismail (1892-1962) who was born and raised in Singapore. Dr Mohamed Ibrahim had a daughter named Hawa.

Hawa is/was a British fashion model based in London and had used her celebrity model name, "Anak". When I first heard her name from my own mother, I was a teenager, about 14-15 in Form 2 (1972) or Form 3 (1973). I can recall her name and her fellow model, Twiggy. My mother would say "as thin as Twiggy". I was really a thin teenager.

I've tried searching for British fashion models in the late 1960s-1970s but could not find her. I've tried searching for other fashion models of her era like Twiggy. I found Twiggy but not Hawa. I tried this website today but failed to locate Hawa. I found Ms Hawa Ibrahim about the time of azan asar today:

"Their fourth sister, Ms Hawa Ibrahim, was a model for Pierre Cardin who went on to marry Lord Francis Russell, the youngest son of Britain’s Duke of Bedford."


... Lord Francis, OE - uncle of the present Duke - when he married the Malaysian model Faith 'Anak' Ibrahim in 1971.  

Lord Francis Russell and Hawa Ibrahim @ Faith 'Anak' Ibrahim, 1971
Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images