Saturday, 3 April 2010

MAHA Klinik

(Old) MAHA Klinik, Jalan Sultan Muhammad Jiwa
(New) MAHA Klinik, Jalan Tunku Ibrahim
Alor Star, Kedah
25-27 March 2010

There are two MAHA Klinik locations in Alor Star. The initial MAHA Klinik is painted dark blue and is in Pekan Cina and Pekan Melayu just after the bridge in Jalan Sultan Muhammad Jiwa. The signboard reads KEDAI UBAT ZAHER (MAHA LAMA). A more recent MAHA Klinik is near the UMNO building. The clinic near the UMNO building is mostly featured in websites and books.

Many of those I asked/interviewed never knew of the initial clinic nor its location. Only one ex-Sultanah Asma School graduate knew both clinic locations and she was my tour guide for my visit to Alor Star. She is Nordini bt Mohd Noor (Dini Noor), daughter of YB Datuk Rokiah Zainudin, ex-schoolteacher who resigned from teaching to become a senator and entered Wanita UMNO. Dini Noor works as a freelance market research consultant. Here are some photos of the two MAHA Klinik clinics previously operated by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. More photos of MAHA Klinik can be found in my Facebook.

Old MAHA Klinik near the bridge in Pekan Cina and Pekan Melayu (above).

More recent MAHA Klinik near UMNO building.

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