Friday, 21 December 2012

Technical Note: Adjust horizontal misalignment

I had used Ashampoo Photo Commander 10 to align some images (maps and charts) that appeared tilted. It can be downloaded and used for trial. It will disappear from the computer at the end of the trial period. I had to re-download the software to create the images for this post.

This software is fast and displays all folders. When a particular folder is clicked, all the photos in that folder will be displayed at the bottom right panel.

Click on a distorted image to load it.

Clicking "Quick-Fix" opens another menu bar that has the rotate icon. Clicking the rotate icon will make the grid appear along with a message box that tells what to do next. The photo also appears in an inset at right.

Click on the distorted image and hold to rotate the image to align it horizontally or vertically. Then save when done.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 10:

How to align image