Sunday, 1 April 2012

Datuk Lokman Musa

I can vaguely remember Datuk Lokman Musa. I was between 9 and 11 years old when I met him in Sabah. He was in the Education dept as I recall. He is Mahadzir Lokman's father and a close friend of my late father. They were working on the Malaysian Education stuff (or similar) in 1967-1969. I was attending Tanjong Aru Primary School in Jesselton, Sabah. My father taught at Gaya College, a teachers' college, just before the township of Likas. 

Lokman bin Musa in The Who's Who in Malaysia

Below is Datin Nina Khatijah, Datuk Lokman's wife, with Mahadzir (baby). When I met the family, they were living at Tanjong Aru Govt Qtrs, Jesselton, Sabah near the beach, by the South China Sea. Mahadzir was in my elder sister's class. My mother taught his sister (deceased). Another younger sister (Neil) was in my younger brother's class.

entry by Mahadzir Lokman
Entry by Mahadzir Lokman in The 1957 Album (the Star)

Taken on Merdeka Day 31st Aug 1957, four months after my birthday 9th April 1957 with my mother Datin Nina Khadijah Abdul Rahman. My late father Datuk Lokman Musa was elated that his first born son was also born in the year of Malaysia's independence from Great Britain....May God Bless our glorious nation Malaysia!! sincerely Dato' Mahadzir Lokman @ Dale Lokman.

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