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Kelantan Volunteer Rifles 1914

I don't know about the Sikh Police Band but I have seen some photos of them at the Penang Museum. I don't know about the Kelantan Volunteer Rifles (KVR) but there is a place where the group gathers in Kota Bharu and there is a rifle range in Pengkalan Chepa - is this the same group? Is the KVR still active?

Sikh Police Band
  1. Where did the Sikh police come from? Were they imported?
  2. What is the Sikh Police Band?
  3. Is it the same group of people who defended Kelantan against the Japanese invasion at Pantai Dasar Sabak on 7/8 December 1941?

KVR officers, 1914:
  1. What is the KVR?
  2. When was the KVR set up in Kelantan?
  3. Why was the KVR set up in Kelantan?
  4. Who comprised the KVR members?
  5. DCR Rainnie, Duff Development Company (What is this company?)
  6. William Langham-Carter, British Adviser
  7. Herbert Alfred Anderson, CO of the KVR (CO = Commanding Officer?)

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Title: Kelantan Volunteer Rifles, Sikh Police Band, circa 1914
Reference BAM 14/1
Extent and Medium Good condition, apart from slight fading.
Content and context
129 x 77 mm.
Showing the Sikh band marching past with three officers of the K.V.R. following behind. These are identified as: D.C.R. RAINNIE, Duff Development Company; William LANGHAM-CARTER, British Adviser; and Herbert Alfred ANDERSON, C.O. of the K.V.R.
Further information: Biographical notes on Herbert Anderson at BAM 6/14.

Duff Development Company

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 7 April 1937, Page 1