Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Search 38

24 May 2005

It is Tuesday, 7.45 am.

The 38th search is to ponder over why I had not re-send an e-mail to a colleague earlier. She was away in Penang and she had received a blank mail from me regarding the early Malay doctors. This is very unusual as I had just re-boot my PC from scratch after it lost control of itself over an extreme darkness kaput mode. I was trying out new software which I had downloaded from the Internet and got my PC into a fixed and I had to fix my own PC for if I send it in, I would probably not get it back up and running ASAP. If you think PTK3 up to PTK6 will make you a better lecturer, then I feel you might just as well add fixing your own PC with your own two hands, for added value. Just a thought.

Well, back to the blank e-mail. I have re-send the e-mail to her. The subject should read "Re: Rv: [akademik] 13 early Malay doctors in 1953". In it I had asked if anyone knew any of the early doctors and to e-mail me.

It is 7.57 am. I have to stop to go to work.


Assoc. Prof. Datin Rashidah Shuib
Women's Health & Development Unit
School of Medical Sciences
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Telehealth Research Group
School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia