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15 January 2007

Monday, 15 January 2007, 5:43 pm.
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I received an e-mail on 12 January 2007 from Dr. Yahya Awang. He said that the information provided by Dr. Luqman about Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang, is accurate. He said it would be better if we could meet and he will bring along his eldest sister who can provide more information. He gave his mobile number and asked to call after office hours.

Need further information concerning Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan:
When was be born?
Father's full name?
Mother's full name?
Did he enter KE VII College of Medicine in 1931?
Where did he practise as houseman?
Where did he practise as medical officer?
Where did he work between 1936-1964?
When did he attend the Commonwealth Conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad?
Did he write or publish books?
Wife's full name?
When did his wife graduate? Did she know Dr. Latifah Ghows?
How many children did he have? How many boys & girls?
What are the names of his children? Where are they today? Contact?
Who and where are his grandchildren? Contact?


Dr. Luqman bin Mazlan
[ex-PPSP student, graduated from USM, grandson of Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan]
Dept of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine
Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM)
Jalan Yaakob Latiff, Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
E-mail: ,

Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan SMN., DUPN., SPMJ. (4 or 10 November 1910-23 October 1998, Class of 1936)
A graduate of KEVII, Singapore in 1936
Malaysian High Commissioner to Australia
5th Governor of Penang (Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang Kelima)
From Dr. Luqman's e-mail 7 Jan 2007:
Tun Dr. Hj Awang Hassan was born on 4 November 1910 in Muar, Johor
Early education at Sekolah Bukit Zahrah in Johor Bahru
Entered KEVII in Singapore in 1930's
Became O&G specialist in Kandang Kerbau Hospital in Singapore before opening his own clinic in Johor
Joined politics, made Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat and MP for Muar
Help formed UMNO together with his brothers in-law, Dato Suleiman and Tun Dr Ismail
Attended UN
Became High Commissioner to Australia until 1981 before becoming TYT 5th Governor of Penang and retired in 1989 at age 79
Retired and lived in Johor Bahru
Passed away on 23 October 1998 (?)

Dr. Zabedah
Wife of Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan (Class of 1936)
Director of the Casualty Department at the Sultanah Aminah General Hospital
Former boss of Prof. Rogayah Jaafar

Dr. Yahya bin Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang
Son of Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan
Former Head, National Heart Institute or Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)
He performed the first heart transplant in Malaysia

Dr. Hussin bin Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang
Son of Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan
Performed kidney transplants at GHKL
He is now at Tawakkal

Puan Kamariah bt. Dato' Dr. Che Lah
Home: Taman Gombak at end of Karak Hwy, Selangor
Work: Petronas HQ, KLCC
Dato' Dr. Che Lah bin Mohd. Joonos met Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan in Canberra, Australia
Tun Datuk Dr. Haji Awang bin Hassan gave Dr. Che Lah bin Mohd. Joonos the title Dato' after Dr. Che Lah's retirement

Dr. M. Bakri Musa

En. Fadli Ghani
Pengarah Akademi Kajian Kota, Kuala Lumpur

Prof. Rogayah Jaafar
Head, Department of Medical Education
School of Medical Sciences
USM Health Campus
16150 Kubang Kerian, Kelantan
Penang Government website
Tun Dr. Hj Awang Hassan, Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang Kelima, was a graduate of KEVII, Singapore in 1936. Born 10 November 1910

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