Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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6 November 2005

It is Sunday 12.36 pm.

I am reading an e-mail from En. Mohd. Fadli Ghani dated 11 August 2005. He apologised for being very busy for which he did not contact me since we first met in Hospital USM. He thanked for the hospitality.

He apologised for not providing the details of the doctors from Kedah which he had referred to earlier. But he will contact me when he is free.

It is 12.40 pm.


En. Mohd. Fadli Ghani
(writer & PhD student)
Pengarah Akademi Kajian Kota, Kuala Lumpur
En. Fadli Ghani is in the social sciences. He has BA in Linguistics and Social Development from UPM, MA in Dialog Peradaban from UM, and MA in Political Science from UKM. He is currently preparing his PhD in Malaysian History. Akademi Kajian Kota is a socio-political research establishment.

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