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7 November 2005

Monday, 7 November 2005, 8.03 am - 10.40 am.

I ran a search using Google on 24 August 2005 to find my uncle's e-mail address. I wanted to write to him to ask concerning the whereabouts of my maternal grandfather's workplace. I wrote 'kamaruddin che lah' in the search box. To my surprise Google returned 363 results for kamaruddin che lah within 0.22 seconds. I did not know which result to click next as there were 3 links which seemed interesting.

First link
I tried the first link of the search results which was The title of the web page read Sri Lankan Burgher Family Geneology. This page had all the names that my late mother had mentioned to me even though I had never met most of them. However, it did not contain the e-mail I needed but contained many names which are relevant for this writing. This page listed Dr Che Lah bin Joonoos (Family #1088). He had two wives.

First, Dr. Che Lah bin Joonoos married Daisy Katherine Decoursey Bulner (deceased). They had 4 girls - Jumabee Tulip (4 November 1931 - 5 June 2004), Jaleha Esther (1933), Jamaliah June (deceased), and Daisy Yvette. They also adopted a son, Philip @ Mohd Noor (deceased).
Jumabee Tulip (Puan Hajah) married Abdul Rashid Mohd. Yusope (Tuan Haji; 28 November 1931). They had 7 children - Mohd. Sharif (1956), Sharifah (24 October 1957), Faridah (15 October 1958), Rabi'ah (5 November 1959), Mohd. Farid (1961), Mohd. Amin (1962) and Aminah (1970).
Mohd. Sharif married Fatimah. They have 4 children - Aishah, Hafiz, Husna and Daniel.
Aishah is married and has 2 children.
Faridah (Puan Hajah) married Affandi Hussien (Tuan Haji; 20 January 1958). They have 6 children - Nuraishah Bazilah (26 April 1984), Muhammad Azfar Hakim (13 July 1985), Muhammad Ibrahim Adzim (22 August 1988), Nurfarahiyah Nasuha (21 May 1991), Nuramira Suraiya (29 August 1994) and Yusrina Faqihah (29 May 1999).
                    Nuraishah married to M Nizam Omar in November 2009.
Rabi'ah (Puan Hajah) married Ramli Hamid (1958, Tuan Haji). They have 5 children -  Mohd. Naim, Azizah, Mohsin, Aliah Farhana, and Mohd. Hanif.

Mohd. Farid married Kamariah Bujang. They have 5 children - Mohd. Afiq, Adibah Huda, Hanisah Huda, Safiah Aqila Huda and Mohd. Bazil Aiman.

Mohd. Amin married Zainah. They have 4 children - Mohd. Kusyairi, Mohd. Ashraf, Nuramira Bazilah, and Mohd. Hilman. Kusyairi is an engineer with Sapura.

Aminah (Puan Hajah) married Shahrul Nizam bin Ar. Hj. Abdullah Satar b. Hj. Teh. They have 4 children - Zulfakar, Sakinah, Nabilah and Nabihah.
Esther married Aelian Cantlay Schokman (1932). Esther had worked in the accounts department of the Malayan Railway till she retired. They have 2 children - Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman (1961) and Veronica Alison Christobel Schokman (1964).
Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman married Siti Noor Azar binti Majid (1961). They have 4 children - Muhamed Armin Schokman (1987), Nurlisa Sharmin Schokman (1990), Muhamed Aiman Schokman (1993), and Nur Hanis Schokman (1996).

Veronica Alison Christobel Schokman married William Conrado Duarete (1965).
Jamaliah June married Devdass Kingsley Nathaniel. They had 5 children - Stephanie Druscilla Nathaniel, Gerald Kingsley Nathaniel, Rex Allan Nathaniel, Vanessa Gloria Nathaniel and Amanda Zoe Nathaniel. (June is deceased.)
Rex Allan Nathaniel married Susan. They have 2 children - Claris Nathaniel and Kevin Nathaniel. (Rex is deceased)

Vanessa Gloria Nathaniel married Peter Yang. They have 3 children - Ian Timothy Yang, Melody Grace Yang, and Tabita Hope Yang.
Daisy Yvette married Robert Jansz (deceased). The family previously lived in Balga, north of Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Mandurah in November 2011 (years after Robert died before Christmas 1988). They had 7 children - Jennifer, Christopher, Robby, Vicky, Francis, Mildred and Andrew.

Philip @ Mohd Noor (deceased) married Harisah (Terengganu). They had no children. Harisah remarried after Mohd Noor's death.
Second, Dr. Che Lah bin Joonoos married Chong Nyet Lin @ Mariah (deceased). They had a son, Kamaruddin. They adopted a girl, Kamariah (1959).
Kamaruddin married Fauziah Shaikh Emam. They have a son, Kamarul Faisal (computer engineering student in Queensland, final year in 2006).

Kamariah married Syed Zain Syed Baharom. They have 3 sons - Syed Khairuddin, Syed Khairuzman and Syed Khairizwan.

Second link
I tried the second link of the search results which was  Penang Yang di-Pertua Negri's birthday honours list. It listed Kamaruddin Che Lah on the honour list but there was still no e-mail address.

Third link
I tried the third link of the search results which was . This was the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai homepage. This page listed his details - En. Kamaruddin b. Che Lah, Pengarah Kejuruteraan, e-mail:, tel: 04-310 5600.

I called my elder sister (Sharifah) to ask for Kamaruddin Che Lah's home telephone number. She sent an SMS with his home telephone number.

I called my uncle's house in Seberang Perai to ask details of my maternal grandfather's siblings. His wife asked to contact her elder sister, Aishah Shaikh Emam ("Chom") in Minden Heights, Penang. I do not have her telephone number off-hand at the time of this writing.

I called my younger brother (Farid) in Bandar Baru Selayang to ask him if he knew Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman's e-mail. He e-mailed.

I then contacted my aunt (Kamariah) in Kuala Lumpur to ask if she could help provide the details of my maternal grandfather's workplace and nature of work. She promised to help out as much as she could but she needed time as the documents are currently not with her in Kuala Lumpur where she lives and works. I am still waiting for more details from her at the time of this writing. I also asked her for Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman's handphone number.

I then sent an e-mail and SMS to Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman prior to Ramadan 2005.


Some of the names which appear above may not have been spelled correctly. But this is all there is to go by at the time of this writing.

Kamaruddin bin Che Lah
(Dr. Che Lah Mohd. Joonoos's son)
Pengarah Kejuruteraan (Engineering Director)
Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai

Kamariah bt. Che Lah
Petronas HQ, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur (now retired)

Sharifah bt. Abdul Rashid
Consumer Association of Penang (CAP)

Muhammad Farid bin Abdul Rashid
Forest Mensuration and Engineering Unit
Forest Management and Ecology Program
Division of Forestry and Conservation
Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
52109 Kepong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6279 7523

Muhamed Al-Jeffrey Schokman
(Esther's son)
Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur

Telehealth Research Group
School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia