Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kelantan Malays & SKMK

The pure Kelantan Malays are tan to dark. But with the influx of refugees and other racial groups, today's Kelantan Malays vary in appearance and complexion. The Malay-Chinese mixes are generally fair, sometimes pale white or rosy. The Malay-Indian mixes are either fair or tan, sometimes quite dark, and some can resemble Blacks. 

Inbreeding is popular to keep wealth within the families and relatives. Quite a number of conditions are seen as a result of cousin marriages. The most obvious is the one without a normal skin, just a transparent hard/tough scaly skin that is both itchy and purulent from ceaseless scratching. I will refer to the skin condition as dragon skin without pigment. I've seen two cases myself, one at KB Mall and another on campus. Since ladies here cover themselves, the skin is not seen. Therefore, such conditions go undetected unless one takes a close look at the hands and feet. Most shy away from going to hospital and prefer conservative treatment for the itchiness. No amount of cooling cream can take away the itchiness. 

Otherwise Kelantan ladies are a delight. As the Kelantan people usually say to visitors, "Sampai Kelantan mesti kahwin!" or SKMK (literally, you must marry when you reach Kelantan). This charm has worked for most Kelantan beauties. I think most men who marry to Kelantan beauties have no regrets. There may be a few unfortunate cases but that's life.

Will photoshoot later.