Tuesday, 5 April 2011

KL Malays

KL Malays are a mixed kettle. There are many types and they cross-breed and inbreed so much so that the family trees are so entangled and some with missing links.

One type is the pure Malays who inbreed and don't out-marry, to keep wealth within controllable loops (my term is guni perang or tempayan tutup). There are three types who fall into this category and it is hard to infiltrate these sub-groups.

One Malay group is a mix of Chinese-Malay and Indonesian ladies. These Malays are filthy rich and do good business. They have good networks that support their businesses. Another type is Indian-Malay and Indonesian ladies. Their sons are dark but their daughters are fair and mistaken for Arab ladies which is misleading. There are others but it is hard to tell as after many generations, they all look the same, neither Malay, Chinese nor Indian. Nak panggil apa pun tak tau! Let me just refer to them as the 'homogeneous Malay features', senang cerita!

The only reason we call them all Malay is they pronounce the Malay words properly and their sentence structure is acceptable to pass them as Malay. Otherwise I too don't know that they are indeed Malays.

Migration and immigration, transfers etc etc etc, they all result in people mobility and families are constantly on the move, some more frequent than others. The more frequent movers are usually the mixed breeds and they tend to out-marry, resulting in a further complicated mix that nobody wants to try classify their issues. What to do? The world seems so mixed. Lesson learned, if we want to try categorise people and classify them into rigid classes, it is not worth the effort. Natural tendency will always result in more and more complex mixes and we too have to keep creating more classes to fit everyone. So the word Malay should be able to take all those who THINK and WANT to be accepted as Malays. 

Dressing style is a difficult issue to tackle as Malaysian women go all the way out to get what beautiful dress they need and very often, dress to kill! Yes, they dress to kill! If your eyes don't pop out and your hearts don't quiver when you see these beautiful scantily dressed torsos, I think you might as well be dead! Just wait at any LRT station if you don't believe me. If it's not the top cleavage that's showing, then it's the other one that they try to show off. But that's being very Malay and Malay women in KL are best at it! There are no rules governing Malay dress when Malay females go public. But that shouldn't mean that Malay women in KL who wear revealing clothes are all prostitutes, often they are not. It's just their natural tendency for preferred way to dress in hot weather. Let's just assume that. Well, go ask them! No wonder ustaz and ustazah nowadays always say "Yang kakak pakai baju adik, yang adik telanjang bulat! Tarik atas nampak bawah, tarik bawah nampak atas!" What to do? Now even the navels are showing and these women decorate their navels with pierced rings and gemstones! Well, you doctors can collect the gemstones when they die but leave in the pierced ones. Better still, when you tie the umbilical cord in newborns, make sure you  also clip it to the abdominal wall so it doesn't invert and create a hole for them to stick in gemstones. Of course their families will curse you for such an innovation and the MMA will retract your APC! Well if you do nothing about Malay dress today, then I think soon you will see naked patients walk in to your clinics! Then your eyes will pop out like mata ikan tongkol.