Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Memories of World War II in Kelantan

Kelantan experienced the worst attack as it was the first place where the Japanese army landed in Malaya. You can read about this particular war in Kelantan from books written by the British Army generals which are available cheaply from Muzium Kelantan office in Kota Bahru. The Japanese Army landed at Pantai Sabak in the heavy monsoon rain, and their advancement inland was made difficult by the marshes and nipah palms which grew aplenty by the creeks that led to the vast South China Sea. Today, the initial landing site is miles from the shore and lies submerged from aggressive erosion by strong undercurrents which are typical at Pantai Sabak (no swimming is allowed at this beach).

My two daughters inscribed this in the wet sand

Malay kampung at Pantai Sabak. That's my Kelisa.

This cenotaph has names of fallen WWI and WWII British staff

Australian WWII Memorial in Kota Bharu

Japanese army landing boat, more have been found abandoned in rivers