Thursday, 11 April 2013

Malacca's Currency Prior to 1511

Malacca used its own currency before it fell to the Portuguese on 11 July 1511. There is evidence that Malacca used coins with Jawi scripts. The reigning sultan was Sultan Ahmad bin Sultan Mahmud. Sultan Ahmad's name was inscribed in Jawi on the coins used in Malacca. On one side of the coins was inscribed his name, Ahmad bin Mahmud, and the reverse side was inscribed his honour, with the words, Al Sultan Al Adil. These words therefore show that the reigning sultan was a just ruler. So the Portuguese had come to attack a just ruler whose kingdom was trading fine and freely. Why then did the Portuguese launched an attack on Malacca, and captured it altogether? Why did the Portuguese destroy the very trade that kept Malacca going as the biggest and most well-known and safe trading haven? Why destroy Malacca's peaceful trade?