Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Guardian Weekly

Xlibris marketing consultant, Frank Williams phoned me from Cebu, Philippines on 28 December 2012, close to 2 pm. This time he asked me to consider to advertise my books in The Guardian Weekly (TGW) and explained to great length what great things it can do for me as a new author and for my new books. 

Xlibris has prepared the ad for my books for TGW. Frank asked if I am agreeable to advertising my books in TGW. He said I will get to see the ad first and I get to say whether I agree or not. I said I was not prepared. and would not buy in just yet. I said I would like to market my books my way and I had contacted some people.

Frank went on to say that it would be advantageous to advertise in TGW as even presidents read TGW. I thought that was a good marketing & sales pitch. I still said no but I was happy about the thought.