Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Newbies in History of Medicine

I am now creating a lot of interest on the topic of History of Medicine. I'm trying to get students interested in the topic so that there will be replacement when I leave the scene when the time comes. So far I have 2 medical students. Both are history buffs before they joined our medical school. So I'm just pulling them in the direction of medicine so that it will be easier for them later.

One of the students is 19-year old Hazirah Teh. She is in first year medicine. Hazirah has traveled to many places including to London. She has many friends overseas and that makes her travels easy. She flies by MAS (RM3,000 return flight) and puts up with her friends. She travels at every opportunity and especially during school holidays and university breaks. She's brave to travel far and wide at a young age. I have given Hazirah both my books in the hope that they will keep her interested in history in addition to the other areas of medicine. Hazirah is in Facebook.

Hazirah Teh picked up her free copy from my office.

The other student is Tasneem. I have not spoken to Tasneem yet.