Friday, 11 January 2013

Meet USM VC's office

We visited USM VC's office and that of the Dy VC Academic at the Canselori. The VC was out. However, I met him, Encik Mohamad Abdullah and other men who returned from the masjid after Friday prayer. The men wore black baju Melayu cekak musang and kain sampin. They looked elegant as men in black. I did not greet the VC because I wasn't sure it was really him. Azeeza Begam greeted him as she had worked on the same floor as the VC's office. I only confirmed with Azeeza Begam that it was the VC after he left to go upstairs. So I don't have a photo of the VC for this post. Encik Mohamad Abdullah came later to greet Azeeza Begam but I wasn't sure it was him but he recognised me and said to Azeeza Begam: Saya kenal dia tapi dia tak kenal saya.

Norzalinah Shaik Mohamed, Secretary, Office of the VC, Chancellory, USM, Penang. **** Tel: +604-653 3101  Fax: +609-656 5401
Anisah Hussain, Sceretary, Office of Dy VC (Academic and International Affairs), Chancellory, USM, Penang. ****  Tel: +604-653 3295  Fax: +604-656 6699