Monday, 6 August 2012

Technical Note - Photo Resolution

How to enhance photos for printing (eg checking and increasing image resolution).

For things to do with resolution, especially for photos, there is one choice which is a free program. This is the Zoner Photo Studio.

Zoner Photo Studio
  1. Zoner Photo Studio has 2 panes, the View pane and the Editor pane.
  2. Click the View tab to view images/photos.
  3. Click the Editor tab to do editing.
  4. There are many functions in Editor, one is for checking size and resolution.
  5. To check the size or resolution, click Editor tab.
  6. Click Edit, then select Resize. Set the desired resolution in dots per inch (dpi).
  7. For print purposes, set the resolution to 300 dpi. Click OK.
  8. Then click File, select Save. Now the file is ready to meet printing needs.
  9.  Note: Archives may require higher resolutions, eg 400 dpi or 600 dpi.
This is an image (or photo). Double-click the image to view it in  Zoner Photo Studio.
This is the image in Zoner Photo Studio. This is the View pane or window. Then click the Editor tab.
This is the image in Zoner Photo Studio, but in the Editor pane or window. Click Edit, select Resize.
This is the Resize control box for the image. The resolution of the image is presently 96 dpi. Increase the resolution using the upper small pyramid icon till it displays 300. Then click OK. Now the image resolution is 300 dpi, and the photo size will re-adjust to meet that higher resolution. Now view the image (click View tab) and click the magnify (+) button to see the image at higher resolution.