Tuesday, 17 July 2012

School of Pharmacy (Clinical)

There is a small annex for the School of Pharmacy (Clinical) here in Kelantan campus. It is nearest the old playing field. I have only seen it today while strolling. It seems out of place and resembles the old colonial buildings which are joined by covered corridors. The building is actually a container built on a concrete base and fitted with long windows. Since it is a metal container, it needed air-conditioning. A lot of these units can be seen on the outside. I think this is ecologically-unfriendly as it uses a lot of electricity for cooling the 'metal box' whereas it is already situated under the trees and won't need to depend on air-conditioning so much. I think this place should be turned into a Centre for Child Health and Learning. Pharmacy should return to its initial complex at the medical school, not here.