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Madrasah Al-Mashoor

Who was Al-Mashoor/Almashoor? What is Almashoor? Where is Almashoor?

The Almashoor is an Arabic suffix and commonly connected to Islamic learning at the madrasah in Penang. The madrasah learning began at Masjid Melayu Aceh in Acheen Street. The madrasah was attended by mainly children as this was the preferred form of early education by the Malays (the other being education at Christian schools). Thus, the number of students grew and a new venue was needed and the madrasah shifted a few premises. 

The first headmaster of Madrasah Almashoor was Dr SMA Alhady's grandfather, Syed Sheikh al-Hadi.

Teachers at the latter more established Almashoor school included:

1. Dr SM Baboo, father-in-law of Dr Abdul Wahab bin Mohd Ariff.

2. Shaikh Sulaiman bin Bakar Rafee (born 1916, Makkah, Saudi Arabia-died 2004, Gelugor, Penang) - publisher, printer, bookshop owner, thinker, and Islamic educator. He taught Quran and Arabic at Al-Mashoor School.

The photos below are from Penang Museum display.

Early group photo of Madrasah Al-Mashoor in Penang (120 students and teachers)
History of Al-Mashoor School

In 1916, the Madrasatul Al-Quran was established in Acheen Street by Arabs for the purpose of teaching the tenets of Islam and the Quran to other Muslims. In 1918, this religious school shifted to Kampong Jawa Lama and changed its name to Madrasah Al-Mashoor Al-Islamiah. This school had shifted a few times to cater for the increasing number of students and is presently known as the Al-Mashoor Secondary School.

Pada tahun 1916, Madrasatul Al-Quran ditubuhkan di Lebuh Acheh oleh orang Arab khusus untuk mengajar Al-Quran dan Fardhu Ain. Pada tahun 1918, sekolah agama ini berpindah tempat ke Kampong Jawa Lama dan bertukar nama kepada Madrasah Al-Mashoor Al-Islamiah. Madrasah ini telah berpindah tempat beberapa kali bagi menampung bilangan pelajar yang meningkat dari masa ke semasa dan kini dikenali sebagai Sekolah Menengah Al-Mashoor.
Another venue of Madrasah Al-Mashoor. Looks like Tunku Abdul Rahman (centre) being accompanied by Dr SM Baboo (on Tunku's left).


Great Grandson said...

Dr. SM Baboo was my great grandfather, and although i never had the privilege to meet him i had heard many stories about him. Of note also is the fact that his wife was the late Tuanku Zubaida.

Prof Faridah said...

TQ Great Grandson of Dr SM Baboo.
This is what we have on him:

Dr Shaik Mohamad Baboo bin Ahmad Albakish
(1894 - 1964)
Mohamad Baboo was born on 4 April 1894 in Penang to Ahmad Albakish and Khatijah Bee. He was the second of seven children.
Dr SM Baboo’s wife was Tengku Besar Rahimah @ Tunku Rahimah bt Tunku Mohd Radin. She was the daughter of the Governor of Setol (or Satun), now in southern Thailand, but renounced her title when she married him. They had nine children, seven daughters and two sons. - TEMD Research, 2002-2012

shazwani abdullah said...

Hi Morning & Salam, just for your information my grandmother Latifah Baboo was one of Dr SM Baboo & Tuanku Rahimah daughter. She is now still in Penang, me & my mom in KL.

shazwani abdullah said...

Hi, just for sharing my grandmother Latifah Baboo was one of the daughter of late Dr SM Baboo & Tuanku Rahimah. My grandmother is still in Penang staying with her sister Faridah Baboo. Me & my mom Rodzillah B Abd Rahim is in KL. Is great to read about one of our family history..

Prof Faridah said...

Salam Shazwani Abdullah,

TQ for writing to inform about your grandmother's family.

Anonymous said...

Latifah were unmarried.How can she be your grandmother?.

Johny Chee Boon Heng



Prof Faridah said...

Grandaunt = nenek saudara
Grandmother = nenek
Granduncle = datuk saudara
Grandfather = datuk