Tuesday, 17 April 2012

History of Singapore

Singapore was the last British stronghold in Asia before its capitulation and the final Japanese takeover. As I read accounts of Singapore's downfall, I could not help but shed tears for its very difficult and fierce fight to defend all it could. I have 7 books on the war itself even though I am not a soldier nor do I work in the army. I have never joined any society that wears a uniform. I don't believe in war. I am a peaceful person.

As I read about Singapore and watched all the gory photos and also TV, I must say that the island of Singapore is very special. Its people too are very special. They will defend that island tooth and nail.

I also read that Colonel Adnan lost his life in the Malay Regimen, trying his best to defend Singapore.

A very sad photo that I often saw was a woman crying near her dead child, behind a rickshaw. Every time I saw that photo, I too would cry as it reminded me of Che-che who lost her 2 daughters and her husband through the war.

Cenotaph in Singapore
History of Singapore
Battle of Singapore (8-15 February 1942)
Civilian War Memorial
Kranji War Memorial
Former Indian National Army Monument The words inscribed on the war memorial were its motto, which is Unity (Ittefaq), Faith (Etmad) and Sacrifice (Kurbani).

Cenotaph in General