Monday, 1 July 2013

The Badjenid Clan

I was reading Khoo Salma Nasution's book this morning in Penang, after solat Subuh, and came across a familiar name - Badjenid. Why? Because the Badjenids were related to my late father.

I met a Badjenid man when I was in Perth (1986-1989). Affandi and I went visiting some people and a Badjenid woman invited us to her son's home. So we went to see her. When we arrived, we met the son and his White Australian wife. They have a son, brown like the Badjenid father.

I asked the Badjenid woman whom she was. I told her my dad said we were related to the Badjenid people. She knew us too. And I prayed solat maghrib with this Badjenid woman (mother). She asked that I become imam and we prayed together. That was the first and the last time I was imam. She liked me very much and I liked her too. She was very motherly.

Today, I read Khoo Salma's book on Badjenid. On page 60, in the picture postcard (ppc) 60c, it mentions: junction of Chulia St and Beach St, 3-storey building of Badjenid & Sons, established by Sheikh Mohamed Badjenid from Hadhramaut, South Yemen, in 1917, to sell spices from India, cloth from Indonesia, and velvet (kain baldu) from Persia. Today, it is well-known for supplying perfumes and canvas.

Prof Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid
Deputy Vice Chancellor at INTI-Laureate International University
MalaysiaEducation Management