Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wedding Anniversary

June is a special month. June is also my wedding anniversary. I got married tonight but 30 years ago. This year is my 30th wedding anniversary. I was reading Quran this morning after my Subuh prayer and other prayers. Then our youngest daughter came to our room to inform my father-in-law has arrived. I was reading the last line for today's Quran reading. Affandi went first to attend to his father. I completed reading the last line and its interpretation, made my doa and went to wash my hands with soap and water. I then went to the living-room to salam my father-in-law. He's 84 years old and sadly, he was crying, sitting next to Affandi. He said in a sad tone, and salam me, saying "Maafkan Ayah, Dah .... maafkan Ayah banyak..." I was startled. I didn't say anything but just let him speak his mind. I didn't quite understand what he was trying to say except I understood "maaf" (sorry). I then prepared English breakfast for him and Affandi. I made Knorr mushroom soup because everyone in my household loves mushroom soup for breakfast. I then cut slices of French bread and applied olive oil margarine, while Ayah continued to talk to us at the breakfast table. But still, I hardly understood his sadness - why was he so very sad? We finished breakfast and as I was cleaning up the breakfast table, again Ayah said, "Maafkan Ayah, Dah .... maafkan Ayah banyak ..." and offered his hand to salam me. I returned the gesture and continued clearing the breakfast table, fast since we have to leave for work. I was thinking to myself, maybe Ayah has a lot of problems which I can't understand right now. He just got married earlier this year and I don't understand how problems can crop up this soon. What sort of problems? So, I don't know the real problem that Ayah has. Anyway, since it is my wedding anniversary, I am thankful to Allah SWT for keeping me still married to the man I married 30 years ago when I was 24. We are both the same age (he's 9 months older) and the same height (very short) but we differ very much in attainment of faith. I am lagging behind but I am catching up. The 6 kids we have are all grown up and doing fine, Alhamdulillah. I am glad I am not that nagging mother and ungrateful wife. Best of all, I am myself and I love my life for as long as I live on this Earth. I am happy as I am.

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Wild flowers in my grandfather's garden in Penang