Friday, 7 June 2013

TH Penang


We visited Lembaga Tabung Haji Negeri Pulau Pinang in Bayan Lepas, Penang on 5 June 2013. I interviewed Hj Ramli bin Hamid, Penyelia Haji/PTD at Pejabat Pentadbiran (go upstairs to first floor).

Q: I asked him where I could get information and reports on TH.

Ans: TH HQ in KL, Bahagian Kesihatan

Q: Whom to contact in TH HQ in KL?

Ans: Contact Hj Abdullah, Bahagian Kesihatan. They have an archive, Arkib.

Q:  When did TH change from kapal haji (steamers) to flights?

Ans: At the end of 1974

Q: Where can I get more information?

Ans: Check at TH website, under Bimbingan Haji

Q: What is the cost of Hajj package this year (2013)?

Ans: RM9,980.00

Q: When was this cost the same?

Ans: This price has been the same since last 3 years

Q: Is the pilgrim covered by any insurance policy?

Ans: Yes, they are covered as a group under insurans kelompok which covers accidents.

Q: Does the insurance cover death?

Ans: No. Death is managed differently. There is an arrangement that handles death. This does not need any insurance.

Q: How many pilgrims will be going to perform Hajj this year (2013)?

Ans: 28,000 pilgrims

Q: How is the number of pilgrims determined?

Ans: This is fixed (by Saudi Arabia) at 0.1% of the Malaysian population which is presently 28 million people.

Q: How many doctors are needed to serve during the Hajj each year?

Ans: The medical team comprise 1-2 specialists (pakar), many doctors (medical officers/MO or pegawai perubatan) and nurses. Now there are clinics at every maktab (residence). 


I then went downstairs to see what else I could get hold of before leaving TH. According to the man who was selling stuff for the Hajj, TH has recently published a guidebook. I bought a Hajj guidebook from him and then went to join the queue inside the TH banking office. There I asked if I could get the most recent TH Hajj guidebook. I had to hold on to my ticket (4008) and wait, just like the others. While waiting I copied a few things from the displayed information. Time was running out as I still had to return to Kelantan before dark. Then my number was called and I went to counter 7. At counter 7, Hj Shukri asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted the most recent TH Hajj guidebook. He asked which one I wanted, the big or the small. I said it didn't matter. He said only select pilgrims get the small TH guidebook. He gave me a small TH Hajj guidebook (2009) FOC. I asked if he had the TH Hajj poster which was displayed. He said to check at TH website. I didn't take a photo of the pilgrims' stuffs which were on display near counter 7. Now they have a bag cover with Penang emblem and pilgrim's details. The bags I saw were huge. I thanked Hj Shukri and quickly left for Kelantan. 

TH website:

YouTube videos of Hajj and Umrah:

YouTube video of Haji Tamatuk:

TH e-Book Kursus Haji:

TH Hajj guidebook for pilgrims, published in 2009.


Organisation of TH Penang

1. Pengarah/Director: Hj Rozimin bin Ahamed Kamil
2. Setiausaha/Secretary: Nor Haniza bt Ahmad
3. Timbalan Pengarah/Deputy Director: Hj Amat Kassim bin Pait

Divisions of TH Penang

1. Kewangan/Finance
2. Pemasaran/Marketing
3. Pejabat Cawangan/Branch Offices
4. Pentadbiran/Haji / Administration/Hajj
5. Keselamatan/Security

Pilgrims and interested persons can call the TH Call Centre to ask or check anything.
TH Call Centre (THCC): 03-6207-1919

Uphill to the main entrance to TH Penang
Hotel rooms at TAHA D'Mutiara (
Lot 5789 & 5790, Jalan Dato' Ismail Hashim
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-641 2286 / 2284
Fax: +604-641 2297
There is a staircase to the right after the parked cars.
The porch is at the main building. There are people selling Hajj stuff in the foyer.
Porch of main building
TH Penang is set atop a hill and gives a good bird's eye view of Penang.