Thursday, 25 April 2013

The VK7(C) Dream

VK7(C) is the pay grade for Malaysian professors today. It is the most sought after and the most privileged pay for an academic at a government institution, especially in medical school, and especially in Kelantan, where I work.

The VK7(C) is the lowest rung of the Malaysian professors pay scheme; above it is VK7(B) and the top and highest paid is VK7(A). Going from C to B takes approximately 10 years; going from B to A takes about the same time. By the time a person gets VK7(C), he/she is about 50 years old (on average). Most professors end their career at 56/58/60 with VK7(C). Many never get to VK7(B) or VK7(A). Deputy VCs and their circle get VK7(B). The VC and his circle get VK7(A).

I am at VK7(C) since 29 January 2009. I have another 5 years to go before I reach compulsory retirement at 60. Under normal work conditions, I will never get to see VK7(B), unless of course a miracle happens. I will leave that matter alone.

The salary statement was issued by USM Bendahari and I received mine this morning. Let's see what is in store for the next 5 years ... The letter is in Malay but this is what I understand of it.

Pay Scheme for University Lecturers VK7(C)

Basic salary: RM12,278.04/mo


1. Official functions: RM2,500.00/mo ... this is the limit for us to spend on official things

2. Housing: RM1,300.00/mo .... got own house

3. Special Grade: RM1,000.00/mo ... not sure what this is

4. Servant: RM500.00/mo ... got no maid

The annual basic salary is RM147,336.45 per annum (~AUD$43,850.00 pa)

The allowance is good for spending inside Malaysia but is not too good for outside spending.

At retirement, the pension works out to 40% of last pay (basic salary) = RM4,911.22/mo (~AUD$1,461.00/mo) ... tax-free

The basic pay of an entry/fresh MSc/PhD lecturer is RM2,500.00/mo.

The maximum basic salary of an Office Assistant/Pembantu Am Rendah (PAR) is ~RM2,000.00/mo.

Minimum pay in Malaysia today is RM1,000.00/mo.

Not bad at all. Not bad at all. Living in Kelantan, this is heaven on earth! Life is better in Kelantan than anywhere else. There no highway toll. We use well water and electricity. Food is freshly cooked and halal anywhere in Kelantan. There are mosques and suraus everywhere and anywhere. There are fresh markets everywhere. There are no dogs and pigs except where they are allowed. Life is safe and very good up here in Kelantan. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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