Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Kasta System Lives On

I was talking to my son about his work status. He had just lost his job; he gave up on his last job. I asked him about what the working conditions were like in the private sector. His reply was simple - it is a dog eat dog world and the caste system is still in place, like it or not. Not knowing anybody is as simple as saying I can't get a good job right now.

He's gone away today and tomorrow. He flew on AirAsia this morning. He wanted to drive to KL but his car overheated at Kok Lanas last night and he had to turn back. He is taking his accountancy classes and exam somewhere in KL. I asked him what the classes are like. He said he is the only Malay in a class full of Chinese businessmen. I asked him if he felt ok or intimidated. He said it is better to study than to do nothing about himself. He likes the classes because the Chinese experts tell good stories of their experiences and fortunes. They provide a lot of case studies, good ones too, of international flavour. He will be taking another few months of private tuition classes before he takes the Australian professional accountancy exam, administered in KL on behalf of Australia. The private tuition is expensive and so is the exam, like paying for another degree. I hope he makes it and gets to work on his own in future. I want him to be happy and not worry about the caste system that's prevalent just about anywhere in any society. I hope he understands that this world is not so easy after all. But that's life.


Anonymous said...

The caste happens in the home too where parents favor a child more than the other. Parents won't admit it because they aren't aware of it themselves but the other child is able to sense the bias!